The Summit Introduce First Video

The debut video from The Summit is available now on YouTube. The song Turn It Off is taken from the band’s debut album Higher Ground, released on Rambo/Gain in Sweden on May 14. The Summit is a collaboration between old friends, all seasoned musicians in their own right with bands like 220 Volt, Easy Action and Marmalade Souls. Their debut album Higher Ground, out on May 14, is a nod to the members musical influences from their 70:s childhood. Written and recorded quickly, in a true 70:s style, without pulling any punches.
Bjцrn Hцglund (drums): “The result is a loving tribute to our heroes, while creating something – in our opinion – new and fresh. We are not ripping anyone off, but you can surely feel the presence of some of our favorite bands throughout the album. The idea was to work quickly, like many of them did. I mean, some of our favorite classic rock albums from that time only took a couple of weeks to record! I wanted The Summit to fit the same idea. Creatively and musically.”
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Line-Up: Michael Klemmй; vocals and guitar; Mats Karlsson; guitar and vocals; Bjцrn Hцglund; drums; Lars Ericsson; bass.