Diesel To Issue Their Debut Album May 23

Escape Music are excited to announce the final details for the new band Diesel, who will release their debut album Into The Fire May 23 in Europe.
Track listing: 01 Love Under Cover 02 Into The Fire 03 Starting Over 04 Fortune Favours The Brave 05 Brand New Day 06 Bitter & Twisted 07 So What Is Love 08 Lets Take The Long Way Home 09 Told You So 10 What You See Ain’t What You Get 11 Skin & Bone 12 Coming Home.

Diesel is: Robert Hart – Vocals. / Jim Kirkpatrick – Guitars, backing vocals, additional keyboards, percussion. / Jimmy Copley – Drums. / Pat Davey – Bass.
Plus: Adam Wakeman – Keyboards. Steve Overland – Backing vocals, additional guitars on Coming Home. Alisdair McKenzie – Horns on Brand New Day.

All songs written by Robert Hart & Jim Kirkpatrick. / Produced by Jim Kirkpatrick & Robert Hart. Additional vocal production by Steve Overland. Recorded at Tremelo Studios, Stoke-On-Trent October – December 2013. Engineered by Dan Rowley. Mixed and Mastered by Tommy Hansen. Executive producer – Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.

Make way for a brand new British Rock Band that features some of the best musicians in today’s rock scene. With lead vocals from the great Robert Hart (Solo / Bad Company / Manfred Mann’s Earth Band) and guitars from FM’s very own Jim Kirkpatrick, this is a match made in heaven as they combine their song writing skills and musicianship to come up with this fantastic debut by Diesel.
Diesel plays solid traditional rock in the manner of Bad Company, the sort of music that has firm roots in the classic vein of British hard Rock with a blues element. Accompanied by Jim Copley (Manfred Man’s Earth Band, Go West, and Paul Rodgers) and Pat Davey (Seven) who provide the solid rhythm backbone of the band, this quartet can give you great songs and first rate melodies all day long. It is great to see that the guest list includes Adam Wakeman (Black Sabbath and Snakecharmer) and Steve Overland (Solo artist, Shadowman and FM), rounded off with the mixing skills of Tommy Hansen. From “Fortune Favours the Brave” to “Brand New Day” we are presented with delight after delight as they effortlessly give us an array of classic rock tunes. A breath of fresh air if ever there was one…
WebLink: www.Escape-Music.com.


Review: Overland – Epic

Record Info

Label: Escape
Producer: Mike Slamer
Release date: February 21st
Line-up: Steve Overland (vo), Larry Antonio (b), Christian Wolff (g, keyb), Jay Schellen (dr)
Guests: Mike Slamer – (additional gui, bass, keyb), Billy Greer (backing vocals), Billy Trudel (backing vocals), Fredrik Bergh (additional keyb)
Rating: 8/10
(10: A Master Piece / a future classic, 9: Superb, near perfect, 8: Great, 7: Very good, 6: Good, 5: Average)

There are few singers that has got such a stand out voice that it has become its own trademark. Steve Overland are very much a man with that kind of voice, a voice that are perfect fit for the souly rock he and FMalways has performed.


So far his solo records released under the name Overland has been a bit tougher than with his main band. But the new record Epic make me feel like its a thin line between Overland and FM. I actually believe Epic could have qualified as an FM album. First three songs Radio Radio, If Looks Could Kill and Stranded are the songs that remind me most of FM and as a fan of the band this is not a bad thing.

Epic are a really fine album and has got some extras that I don’t think I’ve heard before with this man. The most obvious one are last song The End of the Road a song that presents some progressive features, in fact I believe its the best song on the album as its a bit different than I would expect and still of highest class. I should add that if the three first songs are most FM-ish the three last are most far from Overlands main band.
Mike Slamer has produced the album and that’s probably why it sounds like a million. Everyone that know of Slamers work since the early days knows that Mike Slamer only delivers perfection. This time he has had help from Christian Wolff who not only plays lead guitar but has co-produced the album. Epic has got a good chance to make my top ten list at the end of the year although there are some song that either just pass me by or as the song If Your Heart’s Not In It ain’t at the standard to be on this album.

Steve Overlands voice sounds as good as ever, the rock and soul are still the main features in his voice. And If you liked last album Double Dealer this album are yet a step closer to his main band.