Faithsedge Debut New Video

Faithsedge returns this year with a new album with a 2 minute preview of the track / video for “Comes Crashing Down” featuring singer Giancarlo Floridia, former Dokken lead guitarist Alex De Rosso, Tony “AJ” Morra (Van Zant) on drums and keyboardist Eric Ragno(Trixter/Fergie Fredrickson). The album also was produced by Fabrizio Grossi who also played bass (Steve Vai / Steve Lukather) and mastered buy Pete Doell (Universal mastering) and also features other melodic rock keys man Alessandro Del Vechhio (Hardline). Further details on release date worldwide will be announced soon!
The track Comes Crashing Down is a blend of hard rock and progressive and running a total of 6 minutes long. Heres a preview!