AOR and Melodic Rock News on 03/06/2014

Hear No Evil Recordings/Cherry Red are celebrating their upcoming expanded edition reissue of Terraplane’s debut 1985 album Black And White with the release of a rare double digital single: I Survive / Gimme The Money (City Records Version) on June 9.
More widely known as inimitable British hard rock heroes Thunder, Danny Bowes (vocals), Luke Morley (guitar) and Harry James (drums) formed the more pop-orientated Terraplane in the early 80s, releasing their debut single ‘I Survive’ in 1983. Building up a loyal following in London, and with support from Kerrang! magazine, they eventually found major label recognition when they signed to Epic Records, releasing “Black And White”, their debut, in 1985.

‘I’m The One’ features none other than Jools Holland on organ, and ‘Couldn’t Handle The Tears’ has guest vocals from Ruby Turner. After 1987’s “Moving Target” LP, Terraplane split up, with its principle members forming the harder rocking Thunder, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Thunder split in 2009, playing live only occasionally since then, but has recently decided to start work on a new album. The band will be on the bill with Aerosmith at the Calling Festival at Clapham Common on June 28.
Black And White: Expanded Edition is due for release June 16, remastered with eight bonus tracks and 16-page colour booklet including rare memorabilia and extensive liner notes by Malcolm Dome, and featuring interviews with Luke Morley and Danny Bowes.

Pre-order Terraplane – Black And White: Expanded Edition here:

Terraplane – Back And White: Expanded Edition Track Listing: 1. Don’t Walk Away 2. When You’re Hot 3. I Can’t Live Without Your Love 4. Talking To Myself 5. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore 6. I Survive 7. Right Between The Eyes 8. Black And White 9. I’m The One 10. Get Your Face Out Of My Dream 11. Couldn’t Handle The Tears.
Bonus Tracks: 12. Beginning Of The End 13. Let The Wheels Go Round 14. Get Your Face Out Of My Dream (Demo Version – Previously Unreleased) 15. All Night And Day (Live) 16. Tough Kind Of Life 17. I Survive (City Records version) 18. Gimme The Money (City Records version).
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Nashville, TN. – This Spring Mark Slaughter released a new single, Never Givin’ Up, his first ever solo track outside of his multi-platinum band Slaughter, to rave reviews on radio stations across the country. And with legendary music producer Michael Wagener Mixing and Mastering it, Mark played all instruments on the track with the only exception being drums that were tackled by Mark Goodin.
Picking up traction on the charts, the tune salutes the military and all who have served, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Red Circle Foundation that assists families of the US Special Operations Forces. It’s available at Amazon, iTunes, and Google.

Mark Slaughter – The band Slaughter sold more than five million records worldwide, with numerous Top 30 hits on the Billboard Charts with tunes such as “Fly To the Angels” and “Up All Night.” The band hit the road playing to stadiums and arenas, touring the world with bands such as KISS, Poison, and Ozzy Osbourne, and more.
This Spring Mark released a new single, “Never Givin’ Up,” his first ever solo track, to rave reviews on radio stations across the country. And with legendary music producer Michael Wagener Mixing and Mastering it, Mark played all instruments on the track with the only exception being drums that were tackled by Mark Goodin.
The tune salutes the military and all who have served, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Red Circle Foundation that assists families of the US Special Operations Forces.
Before the formation of his own group Slaughter, he fronted a local band Xcursion before joining the Vinnie Vincent Invasion in 1987, with a huge hit song “Love Kills” that appeared on the Nightmare Before Elm Street 4 movie soundtrack in 1988. After that band disbanded in the late 1980s, two of its members, Dana Strum along with Mark, formed the group Slaughter.

Mark was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 4th of July, and now makes his home in Nashville. He has worked as a voice-over actor and composes music for television, movies and sports outlets, with credits including music compositions for Fox Sports, along with voice over ventures in productions like Batman Beyond, Bloodsport, and Animaniacs.
Slaughter formed a new band, Scrap Metal, which consists of other platinum-selling singers such as Gunnar Nelson (Nelson), Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) and Eric Martin (Mr. Big).
In addition to the Red Circle Foundation, Slaughter actively participates in charity work including with St. Jude’s hospital.

The latest release from German rockers UnbreakableKnockout, is now available for purchase as a very special “pre-release” version, which comes with a custom bottle opener key chain.
While the rest of the world will have to wait to acquire the album (July 29th in the US and August 18th in Europe and the rest of the world), fans can purchase the pre-release version right now, exclusively from Dark Star Records:
You can also stream the first single Rock the Nightlife, here:

The band – which is comprised of Al Crespo (vocals), Martin Ries (guitar), Pascal Alles (guitar), Lukas Mittler (bass), and Alexander Ries (drums) – couldn’t have picked a better/knowledgeable producer, who certainly knows a thing or two about classic ’80s metal himself…former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell.
“It was a real pleasure to work with Unbreakable,” says Rarebell. “They could be the next Scorpions! That is what I think and feel – I had a lot of fun producing them. America…get ready for Unbreakable!”
Once the album drops, Unbreakable plan to hit the road hard, showing the world that they can rock and party with the best. “You can expect a high energy rock show and hard power chord guitar riffs with melodic solos, a high metallic voice and driving drum rock beats. We feel like home wherever the stage is!”
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The Win A Trip To MRF4 Draw will take place this week. Scheduling for this year’s video MC Eric Ragno (and friends?) is just holding it up a day or so…

The Birdcage: First Ever Music Album To Be Released as a Videogame

Capricia Productions” Launches Indiegogo Funding Campaign for The Birdcage, First Ever Music Album To Be Released as a Videogame

Featuring Artists from Rock Legends Guns N’ Roses, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Kamelot and others.
JERUSALEM, March 06, 2014 – Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform announces today that Capricia‘s fundingcampaign for the first ever music album created as a videogame The Birdcage is now liveThe Birdcage is the first music concept rock album ever to be released as a full-scale video game instead of as a traditional CD or Mp3 download. The groundbreakingalbum entirely visualized as a videogame is a modern rock re-creation of The Beauty and the Beast fairytale with the music driving and creating the story rather than the music complimenting and coming secondary to the story and action. In order to create the perfect soul shattering music, big guns of rock from bands such as “Guns N’ Roses”, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Kamelot, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, and many others were enlisted.

Albums don’t sell like they used to, so how do we create music that we want to make while also avoiding the starving artist label?”said Arnold Nesis, Music Producer for The Birdcage. “We believe that we have found a way to change the music industry by combining the haunting and heart racing sound of an album created by the best rock artists in the world with the immersive and soul wrenching environments, storyline and interactivity of a videogame to create a truly unique and industry changing product.

(Arnold Nesis – music producer for The Birdcage)
The Birdcage retells the Folk legend of Beauty and the Beast the way it should have been to begin with – as a conceptual, story driven, rock album, set in modern times that deals with the psychological and social aspects of this grim crime. The beauty, Gitta is a young and fair looking girl, living in a trailer park with her drunk and abusive father and her lazy mean older sister. She loathes them both. Her mother has left many years ago. Gitta works hard as a waitress at a local diner and dreams of the day she’ll leave her family and the gloomy trailer park just like her mother. Her plans are disturbed when her father loses a big sum of money while participating in illegal gambling at the house of a mysterious rich person called Bres. Her father is given an ultimatum – he is to submit his younger daughter to Bres or he’ll be killed. The father doesn’t think twice – he drugs Gitta and gives her up to Bres, warned that if he turns to the police, both he and Gitta will be shot. From here on the plot follows the development of the abusive relationship between Gitta and Bres, as Gitta’s affection towards him grows, and the events rush towards the inevitable end.

The Birdcage funders will have the option of choosing a reward based on the amount of money that they contribute. Some of the rewards include getting their photos into the game, signed props from the musicians in the game, original recorded materials and even the opportunity to perform in the album itself side by side with the legendary artists.

Help fund The Birdcage by clicking HERE


Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses) – Guitar Solos
John Lecompt (Evanescence) – Musical Production
Rocky Gray (Evanescence) – Guitars
Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Kiss) – Keyboards
Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation) – Guitars
Snowy Shaw (Therion, Sabaton, King Diamond) – Male Vocals
Casey Grillo (Kamelot) – Drums
Arjen Lucasen (Aeryon)
Lisa Middelhauve (Xandria) – Vocals

Post Production:
John Rude (World of Warcraft, Assasin’s Creed, Call of Duty, The Last Samuri, X-Men, Matrix, Kill Bill and more) – Mixing
Maor Appelbaum (Megadeth, Sepeltura, Yewing Malmsteen, Halford, Edgend, and many others) – Mastering