Main Melodic Rock News On 15/04/2014

Mystery Track time – and this time around it’s a FULL song download to feast upon. Who is it? I’ll update by the end of the week. But for now… Download: April 2014 Mystery Track.

The Double Stop Podcast this week talked to Producer Max Norman, covering how he got into the business, full detail on all 5 Ozzy records he worked on, Megadeth, and working on Lynch Mob’s Wicked Sensation (including Oni’s vocal troubles):

Myland announce the release of the new video “Hold On” from the album “Tales From The Inner Planet” –

Great White featuring Jack Russell will be performing live at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, NJ on 4/19/14 following the Trenton Freedom football game against the Columbus Lions….The game is at 7pm and the concert is start after the game is over…The management at Trenton Freedom is promising an hour of Jack Russell…

Melodic Rock group Stirling Road has just released a new single on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other digital outlets.

Audio interview with Rubicon Cross Lead Vocalist CJ Snare – /

San Carlos Park, the 2nd offering from US rocker, Marc Bryant, receives proper worldwide digital release via and iTunes on April 8th. The set includes the original 6 acoustic tracks from the EP (including classic cover songs of “Open Up Your Eyes” by Tonic and “Shine” by Collective Soul) as well as an electric single version of “Saving Grace”, the unreleased track, “Last Goodbye” and a re-mastered version of “Road”. For music fans who’d prefer the traditional physical media, a CD can be ordered through the Amazon On Demand.
The song listing for the album is: 1. Saving Grace (Acoustic) 2. Open Up Your Eyes (Acoustic) 3. Farewells (Acoustic) 4. Back To You (Acoustic) 5. Feel (Acoustic) 6. Shine (Acoustic) 7. Saving Grace (Electric Version) 8. Last Goodbye (Previously Unreleased) 9. Road (Remastered).

In other news, the Atlanta band, Shattered Silence, will be releasing their debut EP on May 20th via iTunes. The band consists of drummer Chad Wedlake (Mad Margritt), bassist Lee Banks (Sevendust), guitarist Chris Banks (Superconductor) and vocalist Marc Bryant. Described as classic melodic hard rock/metal with a modern edge, the track listing is: One Step Over, Heart Of Stone, Lonely Nights, Desire, Misled (Acoustic Version), Mr. Rainmaker (Warrant cover). For more info on the group, check out their Facebook page