Baltimoore Are Back For More

“Musically, I think it’s where this band should be – loud guitars along with Hammond organ and a vibrant rhythm section” — Bjцrn Lodin

BLP Music is pleased to announce the 12th album from Swedish hard rock outfit Baltimoore entitled Back For More is out now and available on all leading digital music platforms. Home to 10 new tracks and led as always by enigmatic vocalist Bjцrn Lodin, “Back For More” sees the band deliver a fresh take on the Baltimoore sound for 2014 with some new and old faces in the current line-up.
On his fellow musicians Lodin comments, “My main man for this release is guitar player Mats Attaque. He was actually in a band with me right before I started Baltimoore (Ready Steady). Several of the songs from the first album we also played in that band. Teaming up with him again has been truly inspiring… He’s a great guitar player and singer – a great musician! We grew up in the same area and share a lot of the same rhythm interpretation, coming from the folk music around these parts of Sweden. Drummer Klas Anderhell, long time session player and The Guy you call when you need to get the job done. Having him joining us is a treat. Weine Johansson (bass) and Цrjan Fernkvist (organ) are returning and nothing pleases me more. I’m proud of this band!” Song writing for the album originally began back in 2011 with some ideas being considered for what would have been Lodin’s third release with Hungarian rock outfit Hard.

“It originally started out as a new Hard album, but as the songs developed I knew this had to be for Baltimoore. It’s been a slow process since starting in October 2011. I had the songs written before I got the final line-up together and as players came along, putting their skills and input to them, it all fell into place. I just ignite and feed off others… We’ve been recording on and off since early 2012 but the album gained momentum in late 2013 and here we are…finished”. On the album’s style Bjorn continues, “Musically, I think it’s where this band should be – loud guitars along with Hammond organ and a vibrant rhythm section. Lyrically, I don’t know… I bitch, bark and moan about whatever comes to mind, like always. However, there’s an on-going story in our songs… I seem to end up in same ‘place’ over and over… That’s something I want to take further and explore with visual stuff eventually”.

“Back For More” features the following tracks. 01 Cry Out For Innocence. 02. Don’t Say No. 03. Until The End Of The Line. 04. Are You On To Me? 05. Break Into Something New. 06. Means To An End. 07. Gun Of Doom. 08. Sunshine In The Rain. 09. Say It Like It Is . 10. Back For More.
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