Hard Rock News on 02/06/2014

Enuff Z’Nuff Soldiering On As Three Piece

With the recent announcements that drummer Randi Scott and guitarist Tory Stoffregan were leaving Enuff Z’Nuff, the long running Chicago based band are continuing on as a three piece.

“Enuff Z’Nuff will be continuing on as a 3-piece with myself, singer/guitarist Johnny Monaco and drummer Erik Donner,” said the remaining original member Chip Z’Nuff. “Erik originally played in the band from 2004-2006 and we’re excited to have him back. He’s a great singer and slamming drummer!”

Enuff Z’Nuff are also wrapping up a new album of covers entitled ‘Undercover’. The CD will be released through Cleopatra Records in July and will consist of 14 cover songs of artists such as Cheap Trick, Queen, The Beatles, and David Bowie.

“We’re also in the process of tweaking the live show and trying to touch on each record from our entire collection so please let us know your favorites and we’ll try and add ’em to our set,” Chip continued. “Your loyalty and continual support over the years is what keeps this band going and Enuff Z’Nuff will continue to keep performing our HUGE catalog of songs my little brother and I have written throughout our career! I’m predicting a fantastic summer this year so please come out and say high! We “hail” you all tons!”


Sebastian Bach Performs As Lady Ga Ga On Reality Show

As a contestant on ABC’s new reality show ‘Sing Your Face Off’, Sebastian Bach was transformed into Lady Ga Ga to sing her hit single “Bad Romance”.

Looking nothing like a heavy metal icon, the former Skid Row frontman can be found wearing platform heels, platinum blonde wig, and some sort of feather hat containing horns. Here at Sleaze Roxx we weren’t surprised to see Bach don his panties, as the singer showed his paper-thin skin by promptly blocking the website from his Twitter feed with a short “fuck you” after posting an honest review of his latest solo album ‘Give ‘Em Hell’.

‘Give ‘Em Hell’ was released on April 18th in Europe and April 22nd in North America through Frontiers Records. ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ is the follow-up to 2011’s Sleaze Roxx charting ‘Kicking & Screaming’, and was once again produced by Bob Marlette (Rob Zombie and Black Sabbath).

‘Sing Your Face Off’ is a talent variety competition featuring celebrities who are transformed and trained to perform as a legendary musical icon. Over the course of the series, the five celebrities — Sebastian Bach/legendary rock star from the band Skid Row, Landry Fields/NBA’s Toronto Raptors, Jon Lovitz/comedian, actor, singer, China Anne McClain/Disney Channel’s ‘A.N.T. Farm’, and Lisa Rinna/’Days of Our Lives’ — will take on the identity of an iconic music performer. The celebrities could find themselves transformed into someone far older, younger or even someone of the opposite sex.


Hessler Hitting The Road In Support Of Upcoming ‘Ghost Dance’ EP

Hessler, a female fronted heavy metal band boasting a deadly twin guitar attack, will be touring the United States and Canada on their ‘Ghost Dance Summer Tour’ beginning on June 10th. ‘Ghost Dance’, the Chicago band’s first EP release with new singer Jessikill, is slated for release on the same day and is available for pre-order at www.hesslerchicago.com.

Earlier this year Hessler released their first single/video with Jessikill called “Never Lost My Way”. At the time guitarist Igz Kincaid told Sleaze Roxx, “The primary thing we were concerned with is, going back on the control freak thing from earlier, I did not ideally want to put Lariyah on the cover of ‘Bad Blood’ which was our first CD. I was going to put what is on the actual disk on the cover which if we re-release it, I will do that. I just wanted to kind of establish that Hessler was no longer a male fronted band, that I was not singing, that I had a new singer. So with bringing Jess in, one thing we were worried about was just the usual comparison of a female singer but deep down inside, talent — I know that talent is always going to prevail. That is kind of why I had her do the scream at the beginning of the song. That is the main thing people get hooked in within the first 10 seconds. Jess establishes that she is there and she is there to kick ass and take care of business like only somebody with that kind of talent and power can.”

In 2013, Hessler took home the Chicago Reader award for ‘Best Metal Band’ and provided music for the first documentary on legendary wrestler ‘The Dynamite Kid’ Tom Billington. After completing a 25 show coast-to-coast U.S. tour, Hessler brought in a new lead singer in San Antonio native and 2012 X-Factor contestant Jessikill. A classically trained singer, Jessikill was a perfect fit for Hessler’s personality and sound.

Regarding the split with former singer Lariyal Daniels, Kincaid continued, “We did a 25 date tour in November and December (2013) covering coast to coast, going from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and as soon as we came back home we were supposed to go into the studio and work on new material. Lariyah informed us after — the day after New Year’s — that she was going to be moving to Atlanta. After talking with her and letting her know that that wouldn’t work for the band — for any band unless they are wealthy enough to be flying back and forth all the time — and that she needed to be here, we just kind of felt that the band was not her priority anymore. We made the decision to move on without her and bring somebody else in. It has worked out with Jess.”

‘Hessler Ghost Dance Summer Tour’ dates:
June 10 Chicago IL – Cobra Lounge
June 11 St Louis MO – Fubar
June 12 Merriam KS – Aftershock Bar and Grill
June 13 Colorado Springs CO – Sunshine Studios
June 14 Lakewood CO – Ecks Saloon
June 15 Albuquerque NM – Stone Face Tavern
June 17 Tempe AZ – Big Fish Pub
June 19 Hollywood CA – Loaded Hollywood
June 21 Orangeville CA – The Boardwalk
June 22 San Jose CA – The Rock Shop
June 23 Redding CA – Bombays Bar
June 25 Portland OR – The East End
June 26 Seattle WA – El Corazon
June 27 Spokane WA – The Checkerboard Bar
June 28 Bozeman MT – The Filling Station
July 1 Moorhead MN – The Garage
July 2 Spring Lake Park MN – POV’s 65
July 3 Madison WI – The Frequency


Hessler Rock First Show With New Singer

Show Date: March 20, 2014

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Venue: Double Door (via live internet feed on Gigity TV)

Reviewer: Olivier


I only ‘discovered’ Chicago based metal band Hessler in the last three months or so — but that time has been eventful for the band given that they made the bold move of switching lead singers. What I discovered while researching the band a little bit prior to recently interviewing band founderIgz Kincaid and new vocalist Jessikill for Sleaze Roxx (read the interview here) is that the band seems to go the extra mile in terms of innovation to get to the next level. For instance, even though Hessler only formed back in 2010 they are already the feature of a film documentary called ‘The Last Kamikazis Of Heavy Metal’ that was recently screened in Texas. 

Hessler were scheduled to play their first show with Jessikill at the Double Door, a club in Chicago with a capacity of about 500 people. I would love to have attended my first Hessler show there, but distance and life in general were major impediments. Given Hessler‘s penchant for innovation, I was not that surprised to read that the band would offer the opportunity, to whichever fans could not attend their historically groundbreaking show, to see that concert free of charge through a live feed transmitted via the internet. 

The live feed was courtesy of Gigity TV, and to my surprise gave a good shot of pretty much the entire stage along with one additional camera providing a side angle. To Hessler‘s credit, the band also provided the live feed to the opening bands. Although I did appreciate the opportunity to witness Hessler‘s show in Chicago via webcam, there is definitely no substitute for going to see a concert live in person — watching a show while sitting at home instead of live is akin to attending a meeting via telephone or videoconference. I think it is widely known that it’s always better to have a meeting face to face, and the same certainly applies to attending a concert in person — except make that hundredfold! 

Following their opening intro, which I believe featured part of the entrance music from wrestling’s legendary Road Warriors (“What a rush!”), Hessler kicked off their show with their first released single with new singer Jessikill — “Never Lost My Way”. That song’s beginning is highlighted by a long scream courtesy of Jessikill, and she certainly nailed it at the concert which at the same time reinforced that the lead vocalist change may well have been a wise move! As I suspected, the band’s energy level was quite high and despite watching the band move around from my laptop screen (which is pretty shitty in itself), I found them entertaining to watch. 

Surprisingly, the set was heaviest on material from ‘Bad Blood’, the band’s 2011 debut EP, with four songs played from that EP including “Windy City Wild Child”, “Kamikazi” and “Crash ‘N Burn”. Three new songs from the Jessikill Hessler era were played including what appeared to be the debut of the song “Between You And Me”, “Never Lost My Way” and “The Cure” (check out the YouTube video I found for that song from this show). Certainly Hessler‘s live performance viewed from my laptop re-affirmed that I want to see the band play live in person. 

Hats off to Hessler for making their live debut performance with Jessikill available free of charge to everyone around the world. That being said, I hope not to watch too many of these live events through the internet in the future as nothing — and I mean nothing — replaces going to see a band play live in person. 

Hessler setlist:
01. Never Lost My Way
02. Windy City Wild Child
03. Who Will You Run To
04. C’mon
05. Kamikazi
06. The Cure
07. Waste Away
08. Between You And Me
09. Last Alive
10. Crash ‘N Burn
11. Nightrain (Guns N’ Roses cover)