92 bands will be part of this year’s massive underground event in 12 Australian cities
Australia, 10/10/2016 – 396 artist playing in 92 different bands will be hitting the stages all across Australia. Metal United Down Under aka MUDU is returning on October 15 and there will be metal in 12 cities in the same night under the same banner. All these shows present the talent Australia has to offer.
“Looking at the bill makes me wish I was in Australia for this event with multiple personalities to attend several cities the same night.”Gunnar Sauermann, Season of Mist & Metal Hammer Germany
“MUDU is a metal party for the whole country!! Why wouldn’t you go?!?!”Roly Moore, Sedulous Rouse
“MUDU is a unique event in the international heavy music community – hundreds of bands across Australia coming together in regional centres and major cities all for one night of intensity – incredible! The organizers are to be commended on putting together such an awesome event and making Australia the loudest place on the planet on Oct 15!!”Gregory Shaw, Truth Corroded, Truth Inc & Extreme Management Group, Inc.
Once again, the promoters in all involved cities have done an amazing job getting local and interstate bands on their line-ups. More and more bands include their tour in the MUDU shows, like Truth Corroded playing the Perth show as part of their “Worship The Warlords Slain Australia and Asia Tour 2016”. Decryptus is ending “The Necrotic Design East Coast Tour 2016” at the Sydney show and Wounded Pig’s second date on their massive 29 dates tour “A Permanent Mark Tour 2016” will be the Adelaide show. Frankenbok, Headbore,Espionage, Deadspace, The Black Swamp, Flaming Wrekage and The Weight of Silence are all including MUDU in their tour.
Let’s have a look what’ll be happening at the shows: Hobart announced classic metallers Pegazus as headliner and the Melbourne band will play Hobart for the first time – as will Spitting Rhino with their live debut show. Fantasy/folk metal band Sarallisse are the main act in Wollongong where another first live show will come fromHails From Infinity. Darwin added hard rockers Under Duress to the bill and Gladstone heavy groove metallers Massic and progressive metal/hardcore band Adriatic. Progressive metal trio Sedulous Rousejoined the Adelaide line-up sharing the stage with WA band Facegrinder who release their new EP Cosmic Background and I,Icarus debuting that night. Perth, Bendigo and Canberra announced the full line-ups: Truth Corroded, Silent Knight (last show with original drummer Paul Wrigley), Envenomed, Depravity, Bayview Suspect, Dethlahem, Icarus Lives form a line-up in Perth to look forward to. Bendigo announced Stone Djoser, Kuntsquad, Armata, Prophetess, Incrypt, Vulture Culture and in Canberra From Hell’s Heart, Flaming Wrekage, Fatigue, Lord Ragnar and Mytile Vey Lorth. In Bundaberg Wisdom’s Realm, Troy HasFallen and Consider Me Heartless were added to the bill while there have been a few changes happening in Brisbane with thrashers Kaustic Attack and Wartooth, death/thrash metallers Amicable Treason, synth metal band End Us, alternative/power metallers Devonian and melodic death/groove metal band Holistic. The Sydney show will be headlined by melodic death metallers Daemon Pyre who will be joined by Adelaide’sHeadbore and thrashers Murder-World. If you lost track, here is the complete overview:
Enigma Bar
Facegrinder, Sickness, Nemesium, Deadspace, Sedulous Rouse, Wounded Pig, I Protagonist, I Icarus
MusicMan Megastore
Stone Djoser, Kuntsquad, Armata, Prophetess, Incrypt, Vulture Culture
The Back Room
Kaustic Attack, Amicable Treason, The Black Swamp, Behold The Defiant, Kaerulean, Pallative Care, Dirty Brew, Fragments, Holistic, Devonian, Wartooth, End Us
Railway Hotel
Lavidius, Weightless In Orbit, Therein, Odysseus Reborn, Into the Badlands, Psychosphere, Morgue, Iron Wizard, Wisdom’s Realm, Consider Me Heartless, Troy Has Fallen
The Basement
From Hell’s Heart, Flaming Wrekage, Fatigue, Lord Ragnar, Mytile Vey Lorth
Happy Yess
Under Duress, Shapeshifta, Clever Monkey
Rocky Glen Hotel
Evil Eye, Beyond Vendetta, Killer Creed, Weight of Silence, Mergatroyd, Only Machines Remain, Symbolic Weapon, Kold Creature, A.M.P., Massic, Adriatic
The Brisbane Hotel
Pegazus, Hells Grace, Spitting, Sludko, Infected, Kingfall
The Bendigo Hotel
Frankenbok, Elm Street, Harlott, Metreya, Malakyte, Toxicon, Damnations Day, Asylum, Espionage, Requiem, Elkenwood, Feast of Crows
The Civic Hotel
Truth Corroded, Silent Knight, Envenomed, Depravity, Bayview Suspect, Dethlahem, Icarus Lives
The Bald Faced Stag
Daemon Pyre, Decryptus, Grill, The Plague, Headbore, Murder-World
UOW UniBar
Saralisse, Harbour, The Winter Effect, Thrash Bandicoot, Hails From Infinity
What makes this event UNITED is the support the event gets from everywhere. These are the promoters, sponsors, media partners and supporters who stand behind MUDU:
Our promoters:
Sedulous Rouse, MusicMan Megastore, Crowned Ruckus Presents, Lord Ragnar, Evel-E Productions, Bent Metal Media, Tyrantula Productions, Megaton Music, Stormrider Touring, Metal-Roos, Deaf To All But Metal and Carbon Black
Our sponsors:
DRW Entertainment (previously Tombowler)
Noisebleed Records
National media partners:
Metal Obsession, The Rock Pit, The Metal Zone, Killawatts Radio Show, The Drum, Kountdown Klassic Entertainment, Brisbane Metal Legion, Rabid Noise Radio and DJ Devilpope’s Aussie Metal Show
International media partners:
Bravewords, East Jakarta Media, Metal Temple, Metal Nation Radio and Transcending Obscurity
ARMI – Australian Rock & Metal Institute, Battlegod Production, Brisso Metal, Metal Glass Promotion, Mick G Photography and TMS – Tasmanian Metal Syndicate

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