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According to news circulating in Brazil, which we believe to be legitimate, AC/DC are to thankfully continue with Axl Rose on vocals and a new bass player after long standing four-stringer player Cliff Williams played his last gig with the band on Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Respected Brazilian journalist José Norberto Flesch, who we know has had contact with AC/DC, has made comments on Twitter indicating that Angus Young will hire new musicians and that Axl will continue as frontman, as we expected.

Flesch wrote (translated from Portuguese):

“AC/DC will not end… Angus will hire musicians to play with him and with his cousin… Axl will also continue in AC/DC.”

And in a separate report, Flesch wrote:

“He [Angus] will hire new musicians, and Axl Rose will continue as vocalist.

“Axl and Angus are also rumored to want to record new AC/DC material following Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Not In This Lifetime’ world tour.”

Brazilian station 89 A Radio Rock, the biggest rock radio station in São Paulo and possibly in Brazil, are running the report as factual and we’ve been saying for months here at MetalTalk that this would happen.

Our man in the AC/DC camp is still sleeping off his end of tour party hangover but MetalTalk’s Brazilian correspondent, Fernando Souza, has been busy investigating and translating all day and we’re more than satisfied that we will be seeing a new AC/DC album in 2017 or 2018 and that we’ll be once again riding the rock’n’roll train soon enough.

And now it’s all but confirmed, we’re taking friendly bets on who the new AC/DC bass player will be. Click here to see who our leading three contenders are and to watch Cliff’s farewell to the fans, as well as Angus’ thank you video at the end of the Rock Or Bust World Tour.

For those about to rock – it’s a long way to the top but it ain’t a bad place to be…

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