AOR and Melodic Rock News on 10/05/2014

The Empty Hearts, a new band featuring members of The Cars, Blondie, The Romantics and The Chesterfield Kings, have signed to 429 Records which will release their eponymous debut album August 5 worldwide. The band, consisting of four iconic players and musical peers, features Elliot Easton on lead guitar, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Clem Burke on drums, Wally Palmar on vocals and guitar and Andy Babiuk on bass. Co-produced by the band and Ed Stasium,The Empty Hearts is a raucous collection of tunes with each player’s rock ‘n’ roll stripes on display- a bracing sound shaped by influences which span decades and include ’50’s American roots rock ‘n’ roll, 60’s British invasion and 70’s garage-punk.The album was recorded at Fab Gear Studios in Rochester, NY and also includes the Faces’ Hall of Fame keyboardist Ian McLagan on Hammond organ and Wurlitzer. The Empty Hearts will be released worldwide on 429 Records August 5. The band will tour the U.S. this fall. Dates TBD.

The Empty Hearts (a name coined by Little Steven from his secret list of unused band names), is a band who sound like musical cohorts-all came of age in the 70’s and 80’s music scenes and play by a DIY punk rock code of ethics. They are all connected having come together as a band of friends-Babiuk called up Palmar looking to start something new and shortly thereafter, Palmar connected with Burke who then brought in Easton. A self-proclaimed band of “rock and roll lifers”, the chemistry clicked immediately.
Says Clem Burke: “Those common influences are what brought us together. We’re survivors and lifers of rock ‘n’ roll. We take from everything that’s come before musically. A lot of people have never heard or seen a band like this. There’s a freshness to it, at the same time as it’s a recollection of the past.”

The Empty Hearts Track Listing: 90 Miles An Hour Down A Dead End Street, I Don’t Want Your Love (If You Don’t Want Me), (I See) No Way Out, Fill An Empty Heart, Soul Deep, Loud And Clear, Perfect World, I Found You Again, Just A Little Too Hard, Drop Me Off At Home, Jealousy, Meet Me ‘Round The Corner.
For more information visit: . To pre-order The Empty Hearts visit: /

Captain Black Beard releases the second song/video from their new album “Before Plastic” – out May 23rd via Dead End Exit Records. The song is called “Bad Girl” and can be viewed here:
“Before Plastic” has already been getting great reviews with Sweden Rock Magazine saying “Ill-mannered and charming hitseeking rock like it was made by Kiss, Billy Idol and Pat Benatar – together and in their prime.” Former Kiss and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist Bruce Kulick says “Captain Black Beard have guts and glory written all over them. Their melodic vocals and guitars, make them stand out above the rest in the genre of AOR Rock”.
You can pre-order the album on Amazon and don’t forget to stop by the bands new website at /

There’s a new Vana in the game – the son of Mecca’s Joe Vana, Joey Vana has a new band together – Eighty Six Happiness – and their debut video can be checked out below. Follow the band at: /

A new interview with Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith can be found at:

New video from the Spanish hard rock band Handful of Rain, now you can download their new single, for free, at Reverbnation: /

Carousel Vertigo play the best music you haven’t heard yet – but already love. An unapologetic affection for old-school hard rock is audible on the band’s infectious and brilliant new single, ‘3rd Degree’

MRX has been updated with 2 more new features:
– Bryan Adams – Live, California (1993)
– Feature Album – Silent Running – Walk On Fire (1987)
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