Melodic Rock Fest IV News!

Unfortunately, there has been a change to the line-up for the Lost Angeles project. Dennis Dries has decided to withdraw from the group. He issued this statement: “After some serious thought, I have decided to remove myself from the Lost Angeles project. Paul Sabu, Eric Ragno and I have come to the conclusion that my current batch of songs are better suited for a solo project. I wish Eric nothing but the best with LA and will help out any way I can, but I will no longer be directly involved with it, nor will I be participating in MRF4.”
A full update from Dennis can be read on the MR newsdesk.

As per usual, I don’t let a small setback upset plans for the biggest melodic music in the USA for 2014. We just looked at ways to make it even bigger. So….

I’m super excited to announce that the one and only Gary Moon (ex-Night Ranger, Brad Gillis, Jeff Paris) will be joining Lost Angeles! So you know what that means? Yes, some classic Feeding Off The Mojo tunes are goign to be added to the set!
On top of that – the fabulous Jesse Damon (Silent Rage) has confirmed his participation in the line-up!

Here’s what the band has to say: “Lost Angeles is the brainchild of guitarist/singer Paul Sabu (Only Child) and keyboardist Eric Ragno (China Blue), as an extension of the various productions they work on together. Their first collaboration was the well-received CD from Jesse Damon (Silent Rage), Temptation in the Garden of Eve. Eric suggested pooling their talent together for a live performance at MRF4. Sharing lead vocals with Paul and Jesse will be bassist Gary Moon (Night Ranger). Fans can expect a mixed set of songs from their past groups, as well as their solo material and new songs. There has been talk of a new CD, which the band is playing by ear. Eric says “As a fan, I am really looking forward to seeing these guys perform together! Paul, Gary, Jesse…throw in some Silent Rage and a little Night Ranger, and October can’t come soon enough. This will be a special performance, just for fans at MRF4. Don’t miss it!”
For more information, you can follow the band at:

Here are a couple of new MRF4 posters to share around (please link to…



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