“Better Days Comin'” is the anticipated WINGER brand new studio album!

“Better Days Comin'” is the anticipated WINGER brand new studio album!

Once again the band offers an exciting mixture of the melodic and commercial approach of the first 2 albums, which catapulted Winger in the Hair Metal stardom with the more technical and almost Progressive feel of such album as “Pull” or “IV”. The logic follow up to the critically acclaimed “Karma” which was hailed as one of the band’s highlight releases ever.

“Better Days Comin'” is an amazing new record where the four band members: Kip Winger (ex Alice Cooper), Reb Beach (Whitesnake), Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse) and John Roth (Starship, Giant) shine with an incredible instrumental and vocal prowess at the service of superb Hard Rock songs but with an uncanny sense of melody.

Look out for WINGER tour dates in the spring and summer in support of the new album!

Kip Winger – lead vocal and bass
Reb Beach – guitars
John Roth – guitars
Rod Morgenstein – drums


· Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine
· Queen Babylon
· Rat Race
· Better Days Comin’
· Tin Soldier
· Ever Wonder
· So Long China
· Storm In Me
· Be Who You Are, Now
· Another Beautiful Day (*)
· Out Of This World

Track By Track:

Exclusive comments from KIP WINGER!

Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine:
This was the first song we wrote for Better Days Comin. The intro sound effects (courtesy of Cenk Eroglu) Are a nod to Bob Ezrin and Kiss from the destroyer album. One of my favorites. 

Queen Babylon:
Probably the coolest riff on the record. Reb wrote it in a blast of dissatisfied energy, because the other song we were working on wasn’t working. This was difficult song to bring together because the chorus has so much going on musically in the same sonorities, it was hard to make it all “speak”. 

Rat Race:
We’ve rarely done songs this fast, It was fun to knock it out. This one is right ups Reb ally, I like the fast paced heaviness and he lyric written by Donnie Purnell really fun to sing. with the harmony guitar solo and the Deep purple vibe, it makes a nice addition to our catalogue.

Better Days Comin’:
This is our “answer” to Down Incognito. With all the heavy serious music, we wanted something up-lifting and fun. This song came together in one day. I just blurted out the melody and lyric of the first line.. “there’s a sign of a better day comin” all at once and thought, oh, that’s a good title. We really dig the 70’s vibe on that track.

Tin Soldier:
We intentionally wanted to write a prog song. Something that was reminiscent of Winger IV, a largely un-noticed record. But something that was short and concise. I wrote the keyboard opening in 4/4 time and Reb started playing the ascending guitar part in 5/4. So quite conveniently we we’re already in a polyrhythm. Right up front we quadrupled the high melody with full on heavy guitars and really felt like we had something cool. Then we worked on the sections. Once we felt we had enough o work with, we started arranging the different sections. We both sang different melodies on the chorus and I jammed some stuff on the verse. The verse melodies I was hearing were coming from a song on The king Crimson Record “Discipline” Mate Kudosi. That’s what I was hearing in my head when I sang it. 

Ever Wonder:
Often times I will write a top line and some moving bass notes under it. This is what I did on Ever Wonder. Same as On Better Days Comin’, the first thing I sang was “Ever wonder who you are”.. on the exact melody you hear on the record, and I thought.. that’s a good title. So I just carved it out, trying not to get too far away from the central idea, I used modulations in the solo etc. to give it something fresh without abandoning the main theme. 

So Long China:
This is a song Reb and I started and John and finished. After Reb and I wrote about 8 songs I sent the unfinished riffs to John and he picked a few to finish. John and I sat down in the same way Reb and I did and finished off So Long China. The title was swimming around in my head from day one. The Musical break in the middle is one of my favorite moment on the record. 

Storm In Me:
This is another riff Reb and I started and didn’t finish. John and I finish it in the same way we did So Long China. Partially autobiographical, I wanted to clearly depict the split personality of people. The music has a vast range of emotion in a short amount of time. I think this song is one many people can relate to. John Plays the solo.

Be Who You Are Now:
This is a track John an I wrote from scratch. John began playing a riff and I heard a melody. We spent a fair amount of time on the arrangement. It’s definitely got a Beatle vibe. I asked my friend Mark Hudson to help on lyrics. John plays the solo. 

Another Beautiful Day:
A hard hitting track about people who grow up in a battle zone. So many people take for granted how great they have. We wanted to shout out to the people who have to live in war zones and try to make a life for themselves. 

Out of This World:
This is one of my favorites. Real longing for something different hear. I was very excited about the main riff, very different for us. Big chorus and one of Rebs best guitar moments. It has an out of the box arrangement and suits the last song slot very well. This song is classic Winger with a bit of new ideas injected into the mix. 


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