Review: Alien – Eternity


Record Info

Label: AOR Heaven
Producer: –
Release date: 24th of April 2014
Line-up: Jim Jidhed- Vocals, Tony Borg – Guitar, Ken Sandin – Bass, Toby Tarrach – Drums, Jimmy Wandroph – Keyboards
Rating: 8,5/10
(10: A Master Piece / a future classic, 9: Superb, near perfect, 8: Great, 7: Very good, 6: Good, 5: Average)

Alien makes their first full scale abum since the classic line-up reunion. Tony Borg and Jim Jidhedreformed Alien back in 2005 with Dark Eyes with all new members and released the, in my opinion, their second best album since their 1988 debut. 2010 Borg and Jidhed once again joined forces together with the original line-up including Ken Sandin, Jimmy Wandroph, Toby Tarrach. When listening to new albumEternity and I feel it’s almost like back in the eighties again with the fact that it’s a modern production with less reverb on the drums (thank god) and an up to date keyboard sound.
As on the debut, Alien has had help from Pam Barlow and Janet Minto who has written some of the lyrics. “As homage to the debut album co-work” as bassist Ken Sandin puts it. The melodies are really what you want from a Alien album, sing-a-long melodic rock anthems.
First song and first single from the album, In Love We Trust, are a perfect example of the above mentioned, high class AOR. Jimmy Wandroph has been put in front sound wise throughout the album and on this opening song Tony Borgs guitar can be heard of foremost in the solo parts. Jim Jidhed sounds as he should have a masters degree in singing, a fabulous start on Eternity as the album’s called.
The following three songs keeps the same formula but I get the feeling that they are somewhat moderate composed, also the last of the three, the first power ballad I Believe, a song that follows the prescription in how a classic power ballad should be written, perhaps even a bit predictable but still good.
Summer of Love are a song I think of as a bit dull though I can’t quite put the finger in why, but it just doesn’t do it for me. Best thing about the song are Tony Borgs solos and fills, a thing that’s impeccable the album through.
When we reach halfway another of my favorite tracks appear. What Goes Up are an AOR song with a groovy rhythm put down by Ken Sandin and Toby Tarrach supported by a mellow rhythm guitar loop. On top of this a great guitar solo and a catchy memorable keyboard riff.
Wildheart are the first song where the guitar really takes the driver seat. I wouldn’t rate this among the best songs on Eternity still it’s a solid song.
Lias Liar has got quite a anonymous verse and an all chant shout-it-out-loud sing along short chorus which puts it up along with my favorite tracks here.
Look at Us Now are the first really memorable power ballad. And Burning Heart sounds very much as aRitchie Blackmore composition that could have made Rainbows Stranger In Us All album, but this is of course an Alien record.
Last song In Truth are a beautiful acoustic ballad where Jim Jidhed gets accompanied by Tony Borg and Jimmy Wandroph. In Truth are one of four songs that stand out slightly from a bunch of great songs.
In my opinion we get quality AOR that shows all up and coming AOR-acts how AOR should sound, also I’ve got a new second favorite album in the Alien catalogue.


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