Interview: Streamline

Streamline_fanDiamond Dawn has transposed into Streamline all to get a fresh start when changing singer. Here’s an interview I did with them at their rehearsal room.


Diamond Dawn becomes Streamline, why?

A fresh start. Its a new year and a quite big change has happened within the band. Also we’ve been thinking a lot about the name and now is a perfect opportunity to change the name. Diamond Dawn has been a big lesson for us all in everything that has to do with running a band. I mean being a musician, record an album and also the business side of things. So as things changed and we take on the future bringing all the positive things to do things even better.

A vocalist easily becomes the front person in a band. Did you ever felt any hesitation in exchanging your singer?

Well the simple answer is no. We’d rather be a bunch of guys playing together than a singer and a band. But there’s also the fact that Diamond Dawn was the six of us and all of us are included on the album and did the gigs. If someone else would have dropped out or would have been forced to leave it still wouldn’t have felt the same. Now we’re one man short from the original line-up so this is Streamline

Rumor has it that you held an audition with Christian Hedgren of Theander Expression, any truth behind that rumor?

No! Bassist Mikael T Planefeldt tells. Christian and myself played a couple of times in L.A and has since kept very sporadically in contact. We simply asked him if he wanted to come hang with us a weekend. But in the end our schedules didn’t work out and for that matter it never was about asking him straight out if he wanted the job, simply get together and feel the vibe.

So how does the search for a new singer work out?

Just fine, we recently had an audition and it all felt good. Its interesting to hear how we sound with another voice and also just to get some new energy into our rehearsal room. A new person simply changes the energy.

Are you looking for someone that sounds like Alexander or would you like something all new?

Once again the simple answer would be no. We constantly develop musically and don’t really feel that we need to match anything and next album will probably sound a bit different yet still familiar to our fans. But in the end what we’re looking for is a good singer who does the thing he do best, therefore we got no specific requirements. We now have the opportunity to do something a bit different without having to get stucked within a certain sound, and we can change the arrangements a bit so the song fit the new singer. I mean the old songs are what they are.

Have you got any time limit for the search? Do you feel that you need to be ready with the search at a certain date or so?

We’ve learned with Diamond Dawn that if we go to fast forward we won’t be satisfied, but of course rather sooner than later. Its up to us to active search for a replacement, we can’t think that someone will just come to us.

Will Streamline have the same management and same record label?

Time will tell, we haven’t discussed that at all. It may be so, then again it may not be so. Since our earlier experience we still got some good connections. The question is perhaps more relevant in six months or so.

Where can I follow Streamlines news?

In the future there will be a web site. But today we’ve got a Facebook page . Also we’ve got a Twitter account (@streamlineswe) and Instagram (@streamlineofficial).

When I meet you as Diamond Dawn three years ago you got the question where you’d be in five years. Part of the things you mention came through like releasing an album with a established record company. But now when your not Diamond Dawn anymore what says that you’ll be together in five years, and where will you be then?

Its easy to say now but the five of us that now are Streamline (even though there has been some friction along the way) are extremely tight. We seem to have an ability to solve the issues that occurs.
In our head it seem like we are on the way to the next level. Its not like we have to start all over again, we have been through a lot together the past year, things that has been awful fun and also the fact that the five of us feels very comfortable together and we’d like to take our journey even further. Looking back the past three years we’ve achieved lots together with several positive things together and also some negative ones. Finally we ended on a crash course both on a relational level as well as business side of things. We can only hope that we all learned something along the way.

Prior to coming here to make this interview I listen through the interview we did three years ago, and when listening to it I realized that one thing that got mentioned never got published… Olle did you get a lucrative record deal?

Olle smiles a bit. Did I say that. Then Micke tells, I must say that we did, based on the conditions we had not released anything before, also compared to what other bands has had (at least to our knowledge). But of course Iron Maiden had not been satisfied with it :).

You’ve mentioned that there’s plenty of material for a new album.

That’s right we’ve got lots and lots of demos. When we choose among song ideas for the recording of Overdrive we had a certain number of songs and by now we have at least double that amount to choose from.

It took quite some time to record the first album, which in itself gave room to hype the band. What are your thoughts about the work ahead will you have the same patient, or …?

We need to do a lot of homework or how to put it, I think none of us has got anything against doing it in similar way. But surely, we have learned a lot about how and what will be required. Neither of us had recorded an album before with all that implies. Now we know a little about everything that is needed and we can divide up things between us. We’d also like to put down more work on this album. I guess its as most bands say, the next album will sound bigger, better, heavier, and so on.

Now that you changed your name wouldn’t that mean that you have to build up the rumor from scratch again? Is there anything you can do to raise the interest of you?

We still got a lot of contacts that has been created the past three years. Then we have kept some fans with since the name change, What you else we can do… for sure we don’t wanna rush into things, it’s better to create a good product that we can stand for. Obviously we can record an album and get it released plus we may continue to spread the news about us on social media and perhaps most important get out and play as much as possible. We have to keep going to keep the interest up, but we’re not going to rush and release a demo in April just so people have something to listen to.

You have received much recognition for Overdrive where several large Melodic Rock magazines has had you on their annual lists, how does that feel?

Its great it means that we has done something people like and that means they like what we release in the future. It also gets us curious about what people will think about about the next album. When we listen to Overdrive, we hear things that probably all bands that release albums hear. Things we would’ve liked to have done different. But if we ended up on seventh place this time next time we’ll end up on first place (everyone laughs).

One sixth has had to leave the band, from a songwriter perspective how has that affected you?

Most of the songs Olle wrote, and that’s the way it still is. This time what we will probably do are lot more rehearsal prior to recording the next album, a thing we didn’t do that much on the last album. Many of the little things that we added live will hopefully already be included in the arrangement of this album.

Finally Micke has stepped in and helped out Saffire when their bass player became injured. Are you all putting full focus on Streamline do you have other side projects?

No we’re all focusing on Streamline. The fact that Micke helped Saffire was just about doing a favor and perhaps we can claim it back if needed.

Streamline are:
Olle Lindahl – Guitar
Jhonny Göransson – Guitar
Niklas Arkbro – Keyboard
Mikael Planefeldt – Bass
Effy Larsson – Drums
On vocals…well that’s still to decide

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