MelodicRockRecords Is Excited To Announce The Anticipated Release Of One Of 2014’s Finest Power Pop/Melodic Rock Releases

MelodicRockRecords is excited to announce the anticipated release of one of 2014’s finest power pop/melodic rock releases, the debut album from Aussie act The Radio Sun. The band’s debut album Wrong Things Right will be released worldwide May 19.

Australia’s The Radio Sun have been very busy since they formed in 2012. With past members from the excellent Square One and some of Melbourne’s best local musos, The Radio Sun are about catchy rocking songs with an emphasis on layered vocal harmonies somewhere in between Rick Springfield, Nelson, Firehouse and The Marvelous 3.
After locking in Paul Laine (solo, Danger Danger, Shugaazer) to mix the band’s debut album in 2013, The Radio Sun impressed so much that Paul Laine asked the guys to be his backing band on his recent tour downunder. The Radio Sun will also do double duty at next year’sMelodicRockFest 4 by again being a part of the Paul Laine band and then performing the very next day in their own showcase set. Things are definitely looking up for the boys from downunder with their debut album Wrong Things Right to be released throughMelodicRockRecords May 19.
The album cover and CD package was crafted by the always awesome Swedish artist Monowasp.
Pre-orders available this week…
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“The Radio Sun debut album ‘Wrong Things Right’ has that ‘feel good’ sound with a focus on catchy choruses, big vocal harmonies and rokken guitars” ~ guitarist – Stevie Janevski.

Track listing: 01. Wrong Things Right 02. Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover 03. World’s Crazy Now 04. No Ordinary Star 05. Let’s Talk About Love 06. Julie 07. Do It Again 08. Take A Look Around 09. Summer Girl 10. Goodbye 11. Head Over Heels 12. Beginning Or The End.

Soundbytes: Wrong Things Right / Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover / Let’s Talk About Love / Julie.


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