Review: Vanity BLVD – Wicked Temptation


Record Info

Label: Noisehead Records
Producer: –
Release date: April 2014
Line-up: Anna Savage – Vocals,Traci Trexx – Guitars, Pete Ash – Bass, Jens Gebb – Drums
Rating: 7/10
(10: A Master Piece / a future classic, 9: Superb, near perfect, 8: Great, 7: Very good, 6: Good, 5: Average)

Vanity BLVD released their debut 2008 and got labeled as a Sleaze-act partly right if you ask me. But not long after the release of the debut the band exchanged rhythm-section and today almost six years later the band releases their follow up Wicked Temptation with “new” band constellation. Guitarist Traci Trexx and main composer are of course still with the band and so are Anna Savage who makes a quite unique expression in this kind of music. She has got a real cocky sounding voice as well as its powerful. I got really into her voice from the first time I heard her at Göteborg Rockfest some years ago.

Wicked Temptation as mentioned got a new rhythm section in Pete Ash on bass and Gebb on drums has put down a firm rhythm, perhaps it at times could be more varied approach by Gebb, then again the Miss Dangerous and Do or Die probably do best this way.
Vanity BLVD got labeled as a sleaze act when the debut got released and I’d say that its still a correct description as the sound is rough edged party rock’n’roll. The choruses led by Anna Savage with her powerful voice gets me singing along especially in Soulshaker and Desperate Heart the latter being more polished sound wise and my favorite up tempo (actually mid tempo) song on the album. But absolute favorite on the album are a beautiful power ballad of classic 80′s manner named Falling Down. Traci Trexx pics the guitar smoothly before the rest of the band join in, also the guitar solo are really melodic and hum along able.
I believe that Vanity BLVD has achieved a really nice follow up album with lots of songs that are party pleasers. Put on some songson a pre-party list and let the random function handle the list and you will get in the mood to take on on your local rock club.


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