Eclipse Re-Release ‘Are You Ready To Rock’ With Bonus Tracks

For the first time in years, and after a strong public demand, Eclipse’s ‘Are You Ready To Rock’ album is now available again. The remixed and updated re-release, including previously unreleased bonus tracks, can be ordered at

‘Are You Ready To Rock’ was the third album from Eclipse, but by the members themselves considered the true first album in terms of sound and group line-up. The album was made after some frustrating years and the writing and recording sessions became the turning point for the two remaining members, frontman Erik Martensson and guitarist Magnus Henriksson. The album was released by Frontiers Records in 2008 and was an instant success all over the world. Surprisingly, and to many fans disappointment, the album was sold out. But the success fed the fire and the follow-up album, ‘Bleed And Scream’, was released and made a huge impact on a whole world of melodic rock fans.

Due to a line of massive requests the band now have chosen to resurrect ‘Are You Ready To Rock’ — in a new, fresh and updated suit!

‘Are You Ready To Rock’ track listing:
01. Breaking My Heart Again
02. Hometown Calling
03. To Mend A Broken Heart
04. Wylde One
05. Under The Gun
06. Unbreakable
07. Hard Time Loving You
08. Young Guns
09. Million Miles Away
10. 2 Souls
11. Call Of The Wild
Bonus tracks:
12. Haunted-Wanted (Japan bonus track)
13. Rather Be Dead (unreleased demo 2005)
14. Destination Anywhere (unreleased demo 2006)
15. Annabel Lee (unreleased demo 2006)


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