Night By Night Debut Due In June Worldwide

Just in from the Night By Night lads: “We are thrilled to announce that our debut, named ‘NxN’ will be released through Sun Hill Production on June 9, distributed by Cargo. We are very proud of the record and can’t wait for you to hear it. For the first time in our career, we feel 100 percent content with the product – no disclaimers, no excuses. We’re just handing you the album and saying: “go listen. We hope you’ll love it.”
Above all, this record has real passion; all five of us really, really care about the music we make and what it means – both to us and to you who will hear it. The music and words have been painstakingly written, we have pushed ourselves to play and sing at our very best and the production and mix has been scrutinized to the finest detail.
You’ll get 10 NxN anthems, each with its own special identity, sound and meaning. Maybe it’ll be like 10 episodes of your favourite TV show:
Time To Escape, Holding Onto Holding On, Can’t Walk Away, Everywhere Tonight, Siren, A Thousand Lies, It’s Not Faith, The Moment, If Only, Never Die Again.

Thanks to you for supporting us for so long, for being so patient and always believing in us. So, we’ll be going live with this online at 3pm GMT, so please share our news on FB and Twitter and let’s keep building the NxN family! You can get your copy of ‘NxN’ online at HMV, Amazon, digitally on iTunes and even on the high street at HMV, Fopp and your local retailers (I’ve always wanted to be able to say that).”
WebLinks: / / @nightxnight.


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