Sweden’s finest “freaks” Fatal Smile will be releasing their second single “White Trash Heroes”

Sweden’s finest “freaks” Fatal Smile will be releasing their second single “White Trash Heroes” digitally on April 4.The song is the title track from their forthcoming album and will be released on April 25 via FS Records/GMR Music Group.
The album’s first single “Like A Rockstar” was released in November 2013 and the video can be viewed here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SkdDoKUN-Y
The band also welcomes their good friend “Snake” behind the drums & thanks Philty for the “Fatal years” & wish him all the best…
“We really think this is our best album so far… “ќ – the band commented. Expect the hardest “in your face” Fatal Smile album yet recorded – It’s NOT for the faint-hearted since itґs louder, harder & faster than any of our previous albums…& it will KICK YOUR ASS!!!”

New shows have been also been added to their “White Trash Over Europe Tour” that kicks off on April 10 and will be hitting the following cities like a tornado from hell:
April 10 – Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany (w/Shameless)
April 11 – Rattlehouse Rock, Bruckmahl, Germany (w/Shameless)
April 12 – VMax, Leipzig, Germany (w/Shameless)
April 13 – Futurum Music Bar, Prague, Czech Republic (w/Shameless)
April 17 – Chaos Club, Bologna. Italy (w/Shameless)
April 18 – Jailbreak Live Club, Rome, Italy (w/Shameless)
April 19 – Grindhouse, Pedova, Italy (w/Shameless)
April 20 – Venue Kickapoo, Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Italy (w/Shameless)
April 21 – Rock Pub, Bergamo, Italy (w/Shameless)
April 25 – Backstage Bar, Trollhottan, Sweden
April 26 – Rockbaten M/S Harmony. Helsingborg, Sweden
April 30 – Josefs House Of Blues, Eskilstuna, Sweden
May 10 – Hammersmith Visby, Sweden
May 22 – Torsdags Klubben, Balsta, Eskilstuna, Sweden
May 23 – Hawk Club, Fredrikstad, Norway
May 24 – Olsen Po Bryn, Oslo, Norway
May 25 – Six Pence, Kristiansand, Norway
May 30 – Backstage Rockclub, Sandviken, Sweden (w/H.E.A.T.)
June 19 – Freak Show, Essen, Germany
June 20 – Skull Fest, Wervik, Belgium
June 21 – High Voltage, Copenhagen, Denmark
June 27 – Tribeca, Kungalv, Sweden
July 12, Full Metal Festival, Saint-Paul-Sur-Save, France
Aug 01 – Rock Out Wild, Sorsele, Sweden
Aug 02 – Skogsroet, Rejmyre, Sweden
Sept 06 – Metal War Fest, Budapest, Hungary
Sept 10 – The Barfly, London, UK
Sept 11 – Rock City, Nottingham, UK
Sept 12 – Yardbirds, Grimsby, UK
Sept 13 – Blyth, Northumberland, UK
Sept 14 – Bannermans, Edinburg, UK
Sept 15 – The Waterfront, Norwich, UK
More dates will be added, for more info: www.fatalsmile.com.

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