Two Records That Set The Groove Bar High

Two very groovy records are coming your way in May via Frontiers Records. Those are the debut album for California Breed and the latest solo album from Journey guitarist Neal Schon – So U.

Neal Schon – So U is a 9 track tour de force of groove driven bluesy hard rock, with 7 vocal tracks and 2 instrumentals. Marco Mendoza sings 3, Neal 2 and Deen Castronovo 2. There’s a whole world of shredding going on, but also some more restrained and very melodic passages, with the emphasis of the album on hard rocking blues/boogie. And I know what you are thinking – yes, the 2 Deen Castronovo sung tracks are the album’s most straight ahead melodic rock – one moody ballad piece and one straight up commercial anthem. Very cool. Neal fans will love it, as will fans of Marco’s own work, he stamps a big influence over the material. But there’s something here for Journey fans also.

California Breed – this one might divide opinion a little – but only because it really is one for the die-hard Glenn Hughes fans. This album seriously rocks, but being a long devoted Hughes fan is going to help you either enjoy it or LOVE it! This is quintessential Hughes 70s groove folks. California Breed sounds like a mix of Led Zeppelin with Black Country Communion and Glenn Hughes’ own left of center solo work a la Feel. This album is straight out of 1978 with a very live-in-the-studio feel and an unbelievable groove formed by Hughes with drummer Jason Bonham. There’s barely a chorus in sight, but the enjoyment comes from listening to three very talented musicians feed off each other in a loose and free flowing setting.

Release dates – EU: May 16; North America: May 20.


There’s new music just around the corner Night Ranger fans – and here’s proof – two shots of the band on the set of their new video, being filmed this week!


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