Barren Cross Issues New Release

Christian metal veterans Barren Cross commemorate their 30th anniversary by releasing their first new album in 18 years. Birth Pangs features all 4 original members vocalist Michael Drive (Mike Lee), guitarist Ray Parris, bassist Jim LaVerde and drummer Steve Whitaker. It also features the new single “Whitewashed Love”. Birth Pangs was recorded live in Switerland Element of Rock. Comes in a beautiful 2 Disc CD set. “Birth Pangs” draws its material from each of the four Barren Cross studio albums, in addition to including two new songs and a third which was previously unreleased.
Tracks: 1. Intro 2. Living Dead 3. Stage Of Intensity 4. Close To The Edge 5. The Unsuspecting 6. Two Thousand Years 7. Return Of The Light (Previously Unreleased) 8. Believe 9. Light The Flame 10. He Loves You 11. Dying Day 12. Bigotry Man 13. Here I Am 14. A Walk With God (New Song) 15. Whitewashed Love (New Single) 16. Rattle Your Cage 17. Deadlock 18. Cultic Regimes 19. Killers.

Barren Cross represents one of the foundation bands to have emerged out of the early Eighties and played a pioneering role in the “white metal scene” that followed. The group independently released its six-song debut EP, “Believe”, in 1985 prior to signing with Star Song Records for its first full-length album from 1986, “Rock For The King”. A contract with mainstream label Engima Records ensued, which resulted in follow-up full-length releases “Atomic Arena” (1988) and “State Of Control” (1989). BARREN CROSS remained productive into the Nineties, releasing its first live album on Medusa Records in 1990, “Hotter Than Hell! Live”, in addition to its 1994 Rugged Records swan song effort “Rattle Your Cage”, which some say is their best studio album to date.

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