Wig Wam Breaks Up

Sad news, with melodic rockers Wig Wam calling it a day. the news was reported in the Norwegian press today. The translation of the article from Dagbladet.no:

“Glamrock band Wig Wam, Еge Sten Nilsen at the forefront, have chosen to go home after 13 years. Wig Wam had plans for a re-release in 2014, but has now decided to drop all cooperation and pursue individual careers. “Wall Street” thus became the band’s last album, and last year’s concert at Dokka was the band’s final performance. There will be no an ending tour or concert, the band said in a statement.
Еge Sten Nilsen will continue as a solo artist, while Trond Holter and Bernt Jansen plays in the band Jorn. The band got their breakthrough in 2005 when they won the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final in front Jorunn Erdal with the song “In My Dreams”. In the finals they landed on shared ninth place with Denmark.
After Eurovision participation was the album It’s Hard to Be a Rock’n Roller 18 weeks on the album chart, while the single “In My Dreams” went right to the top.”


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