Mick Jones Signals Start To New Foreigner Album

Foreigner’s Mick Jones speaks in a recent interview: news.radio.com/2014/02/10/mick-jones-outs-closeted-foreigner-fans-talks-tour-with-styx.

“Later this year, they’ll kick off a co-headlining tour with Styx, which ex-Eagles guitarist Don Felder will open. To promote the tour, members of Foreigner and Styx, along with Felder, recorded a new version of “Hotel California.” A Styx/Foreigner/Felder jam on the classic rock hit would seem to be a logical encore for the tour, but Jones says, “We haven’t discussed that yet, but anything’s possible, my mind’s completely open. We’ve been hanging out together in the past few days, and playing together, and the chemistry is incredible. We’ve never done anything like that with anyone we’ve toured with before.” After those dates, Foreigner will do a tour where they play their 1981 album, 4, in its entirety.
“That was a close as I think we came to a perfect Foreigner album,” Jones explained of the choice. “I think it is the best one, I think you can hear through the first three albums, how the band evolved, and I think we really had a clear picture of where we wanted to go with that one.” He’s quick to note that the band is also planning their first new album since 2009’s Can’t Slow Down, featuring new material and some guest appearances (“we’ve gone to several friends and prominent artists”). That album will be their second with singer Kelly Hansen, who joined the band in 2005.
Last year at the Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony, Jones and Lou Gramm reunited to perform “Juke Box Hero” and “I Want To Know What Love Is.” So, with all due respect to Hansen, fans are asking if a more large-scale reunion is in the cards? “The award really, in a way, validated us to our peers,” Jones said. “We were both very humbled by the bestowing of that honor, and it was great to share that with Lou. It was a great chance to hang out and get to know each other a little bit again. I think anything is possible, there’s more of a cordial feeling between us. I’m sure at some point, something like that could very well happen.” And does he still lose sleep about that other Hall of Fame? “When I see some of the decisions they make, it’s mind-boggling,” Jones said. “It’s quite elitist, to say the least. I just don’t think they’re in touch with the tastes of the audience. I just don’t think they get it. Even though we were incredibly successful and popular, they continue to ignore artists of our era.”


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