Asia “Gravitas” Out Now On Frontiers Records

Asia, the legendary British rock band, is experiencing some of the best critical and fan acclaim of their career since its heyday of the early 1980s thanks to their new album Gravitas. The consensus is the same: this is unquestionably one of the finest albums in the band’s 30+ year career. The new CD released March 25th in North America on Frontiers Records has been embraced by international media outlets such as Reuters, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, and USA Today. The album had a Top 20 debut on the Mediabase Classic Rock Chartand has since climbed into the Top 10, sitting at #7. It marks one of the strongest radio responses to an Asia album since the first two albums were released in the early 1980s. In addition to extensive media coverage, the band is preparing to chat with its fans in a specialReddit Event, being planned for the third week in April.
Gravitas reached #11 on the iTunes US Top Rock Albums upon release on March 25th. The CD/DVD version is at #35 on the Amazon US overall music chart, #18 on the Rock chart and #35 on the Pop chart. It was consistently in the Top 100 for the last few weeks while available for pre-order. At Amazon Canada, it is in the Top 100. Internationally it comes in at #12 on Amazon France’s MP3 Rock Albums chart and is the #1 Hard Rock & Metal release on Amazon Italy. In addition it is #1 in Amazon UK’s MP3 Progressive Albums chart and #17 on Amazon Germany’s MP3 Rock Albums chart. It entered Japan’s charts at #27. And the momentum is just starting to build. Featuring a deeply introspective musical style within a clearly accessible sound, Gravitas introduces the world to Asia’s new guitarist, Sam Coulson, who came at the recommendation of Mr. Big’s Paul Gilbert.

In addition to the North American release this week, the record was released in Japan on March 5th, and Europe on March 21st. It is available in two configurations: a standard CD and a Deluxe Edition, that includes two bonus tracks and a DVD containing the “Valkyrie” music video, a promotional film, and footage of classic live ASIA tracks recorded with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra in Bulgaria. Asia’s debut album exploded onto the music scene in April,1982, and was the best selling album in the world of that year. Featuring Geoff Downes on keyboards; Steve Howe on guitar; Carl Palmer on drums; and John Wetton on lead vocal and bass; Asia was the logical successor to their collective bands of the 70s – Yes, ELP, King Crimson, UK, and The Buggles. The original ASIA reformed in 2006 for the first time in 23 years.
“This time the dragon has awakened with a fresh direction and purpose,” says John Wetton. Adds band mate Geoff Downes: “There is a renewed energy when we step on stage now; we can feel it and I know the fans can feel it.”
Track listing: Valkyrie; Gravitas; The Closer I Get To You; Nyctophobia; Russian Dolls; Heaven Help Me Now; I Would Die For You: Joe Di Maggio’s Glove; Till We Meet Again. The Closer I Get To You (Acoustic)*; Joe Di Maggio’s Glove (Acoustic)* DVD (*): Valkyrie (videoclip), “EPK”, “Heat of the Moment” (Live in Plovdiv with Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra); TBA (Live in Plovdiv with Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra); TBA (Live in Plovdiv with Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra).
*Available only on the Deluxe Edition

Order Asia Gravitas at: Regular Edition: / Deluxe Edition: / For all things Asia, please visit:

Dennis Deyoung Records A New DVD At The El Rey In Los Angeles

On March 18th, 2014; Dennis DeYoung, the legendary front man of Styx and author of five key songs that define that band’s career, returned to Los Angeles for the first time during his solo career to a sold out show at the El Rey Theater. Recorded live for AXS-TV and captured in pristine HD quality, the performance has been slated for release later in 2014 on a DVD and CD to feature Dennis DeYoung ‘Performing the Music of Styx’ via Frontiers Records.
Los Angeles FM radio giant 100.3 The Sound aided in show promotion with morning show host Uncle Joe Benson offering tickets to listeners in limited supply, just 20 seats available to winning entrants. In just a few short hours of the show’s announcement, tickets sold out at an astounding fan appreciation price of just five dollars. With gratitude to fans that have supported DeYoung over the years, the show was truly a gift of thanks to long-time fans that haven’t seen him perform outside of Styx in Los Angeles, ever.

With doors opening at 8:00 pm, fans lined the sidewalk starting in the 6 o’clock hour on Wilshire Boulevard with tickets in hand and the buzz was about what songs the band might perform. Photos and reviews of the previous show in Joliet, IL had revealed guitarist August Zadra taking the vocal lead on select songs and fans shared the amazing sound of the band being so close to the record it was guaranteed hit all the right chords with lifelong fans! Still, what patrons would get tonight was an absolute surprise.
The amazing stage set was designed by DeYoung’s son and through the black backdrop shone multiple gemlike circles that glowed from one side of the stage to the other like a blanket of stars with the colors of the rainbow. Neon-like spots aimed both high and low rained down an array of light that swept over the audience. Packed from the front of the stage to the back of the house, the inside of the El Rey seemed more like a night at the Forum in 1985; just bigger than life and ready for broadcast.
Opening the show with “The Grand Illusion,” the band performed for an hour and a half, and had DeYoung interacting with the crowd. On two occasions he was handed items that from the audience that he shared with fans. One was a copy of the Styx “Paradise Theater” album, on vinyl, and another was a fan-made sign requesting a personal song favorite – “Desert Moon.”

The set list for the night was as follows: 1. Grand Illusion 2. Lady 3. Lorelei 4. Blue Collar Man 5. Show Me The Way 6. Mr. Roboto 7. Crystal Ball 8. Don’t Let It End 9. Too Much Time On My hands 10. Rockin’ The Paradise 11. Desert Moon 12. Babe 13. Fooling Yourself 14. Prelude 12 15. Suite Madame Blue 16. Best Of Times 17. Renegade 18. Come Sail Away.
Among attending fans was legendary hard rock vocalist and songwriter Jeff Scott Soto, who shared with us his excitement of the experience. “I’ve been a fan Dennis since the first time I heard him sing and for I’m actually going to get answers to questions I’ve wanted to ask him for years,” Jeff said, “for instance – exactly what is the opening lyric on the song I’m Okay about?”
Dennis and the members of the band took well over an hour of personal time upstairs at a VIP meet and greet with fans and Los Angeles based friends who attended the gala. AXS-TV brought in a 25+ foot boom arm and 8 cameras to capture the magic of the show and the house production offered simply the most crisp and well perfected tone the band could create for a night that fans are going to cherish on DVD for the “REST of Times.” ~ Joe Dolan




David Saylor Gets Stronger In May

David Saylor (Push UK, Wild Rose) is back! And he’s brought with him his best and most accomplished album yet! Following on from last year’s Kiss of Judas EP (now sold out) Saylor returns with “Strength of One”, a collection of eleven AOR/melodic rock gems which again showcases his awesome voice, production skills and song writing talent. The step up in quality from his last offering is obvious from the opening guitar riffs of “Welcome to the Show” – Saylor means business as he welcomes listeners into his AOR paradise!
In terms of song writing Saylor has again upped the ante! Compelling lyrics, catchy melodies and choruses that listeners will be humming throughout 2014! This album is packed with this! One noticeable aspect is the use of guitars. Beautiful, tasteful solos wrap around almost every song. One play and listeners will be transported back to 1986/87. Guitars come courtesy of six string wizards Brett Hammond, David Mark Pearce and in particular Nik Lloyd. Where have these guys been all our lives? The solos, riffing and general sonic textures sit perfectly on every song be they up tempo or ballads, hard and heavy or soft and light! These guys are up to the task and whatever the requirement lay it down perfectly.
And then there is Saylor’s voice. Bringing a Terry Brock style rasp to all tracks on offer it sores up there with the angels. It just keeps getting better. Filled with emotion it conveys the pain and the sadness of lost love on some tracks whilst on others celebrates the joy of living life to the max. Yes – I can tell when this man is in pain or smiling purely through his voice! A genius!
Accompanying Saylor in the studio aside from Brett, Nik and David are Romany May, Cristian Antonio, Suzi Ashby, Rob Hewins and Georgia Florence of backing vocals, Paul Pryor on bass and from The Val: Gabrielle De Val Koenzen (guest vocals) and Alfonso Samos (guitar).

Strength of One (AOR Boulevard Records) will be released in May 2014 with a strictly limited pressing of 1000 copies. Like its immediate predecessor is it sure to sell out and become a collector’s piece. NB – a strictly limited number of copies of David Saylor – City of Angels and Push UK – Strange World are available from AOR Boulevard Records.
CD Promo Clip – Listen Here: =mJYVa_lAklQ&

Brief Melodic Rock News On 31/03/2014

Listed on the website CharityBuzz, 4 tickets to attend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony with 100% of the proceeds going to charity (FeedingAmerica $1= 9 meals). The auction also has a gift bag that includes music and video from Rock Hall Inductees and other special items like a Signed Copy of John Oates brand new compilation CD “Good Road To Follow” personally signed by the artist and inductee:

Aussie pop/rock 80s icons Pseudo Echo have completed work on their first album in 20 years titled Ultraviolet. It’s due out to Pledge donators this week and TBA for the general public.

Winger frontman, Kip Winger, goes One-On-One with Mitch Lafon (rock journalist) to discuss the band’s latest effort, Better Days Comin’. The pair discusses the making of the album, the need to make albums in today’s market place, working with Reb Beach, and the band’s 2014 tour plans. Kip also talks about his days in Alice Cooper’s band, the genius that is Bob Ezrin, the Beavis & Butthead/Metallica effect all these years later and his solo work.

Hi everyone. Bobby Messano here and I’m at the beginning of my year long “My Life In Bags Tour 2014” and I’m starting a new PledgeMusic campaign at I’m looking for some help with tour support and I’ve included some fantastic exclusives, many never seen before. I hope you can jump into one of the bags and come along on this exciting journey. Thanks and I’ll see you at the shows! have a new two hour episode where they talk to Kings X guitarist Ty Tabor and discuss the band’s discography in chronological order with him.

Exclusive Interviews With Anette Olzon, Magnum, John Coughlan (Status Quo) And W.E.T.

Rich Davenport’s Rock Show this week features exclusive interviews with former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon, Bob Catley (Magnum), John Coughlan (Status Quo) and Erik Martensson (W.E.T.), and is available now for streaming at this
In the first hour, John Coughlan of the legendary “Frantic Four” line up of Status Quo, talks about the band’s current tour, and the new deluxe edition reissue of their seminal “Piledriver” album, with classic songs and rare live tracks from the new package. Also in part 1, former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon discusses the writing and recording of her debut solo release “Shine”, and chooses two songs from the album.
In part two, Bob Catley of enduring British Hard Rockers Magnum talks about their chart-busting new album “Escape From The Shadow Garden”, and related touring plans and festival appearances, with four songs from the new album. And finally, Erik Martensson (Eclipse), guitarist with Melodic Rock supergroup W.E.T. (also featuring vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (ex Journey, Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen) talks about the band’s new 2CD/DVD live package “One Live-In Stockholm” and chooses two cuts from the album, including one of the 2 unreleased studio songs included.
You can also listen on Sunday 30th March 15:00-17:00 GMT and Wednesday 2nd April 22:00-00.00 GMT on

Pink Floyd Treat or April Fool’s Joke? Flaming Lips Announce Another ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Album

Pink Floyd Flaming Lips
Jeff Fusco / Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

Tomorrow, the Flaming Lips will reportedly put out ‘Flaming Side of the Moon,’ a digital-only release that they are describing as “an immersive companion piece” to Pink Floyd‘s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon.’ However, we’re not sure if the group are serious or if this is an early April Fool’s Day prank.

For starters, the press release we received today (but dated March 31) does not offer any further details about the album. There’s no tracklisting, list of personnel, or quotes from band members, for example. Plus the artwork doesn’t match up with the bold colorful styles and fonts the group has used on their dozens of singles and album releases in recent years.

On top of that, if this is a cover of ‘Dark Side,’ the Flaming Lips have already gone down that road. In 2009, they released, ‘The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon.’ And they already have a classic rock tribute album currently in the works, for the Beatles‘ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’

Here is the bulk of the text of the press release, so that you can decide for yourself:

Designed as an immersive companion piece to the original 1973 album, ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ listeners are encouraged to listen to the new Lips album while listening to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ at the same time. ‘Flaming Side of the Moon,’ was also carefully crafted to sync up perfectly with the 1939 film, ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ For ideal listening conditions, fans are encouraged to seek out the original Alan Parsons’ engineered quadraphonic LP mix of ‘Dark Side,’ but it will work with the album on any format. Available now through all participating digital outlets.

And yet, a check at the major digital music outlets reveal no such product. However, if this is real, the press release also states that 100 vinyl copies of the album will be given to the band’s friends and family. Again, our experience suggests that this isn’t something normally put into press releases, and could be in there only to tease gullible hipsters.

Don’t get us wrong — this sounds like fun, some of us hope this is real. Guess we’ll find out soon!

Original L.A. Guns Vocalist Michael Jagosz Passes Away

Original L.A. Guns Vocalist Michael Jagosz Passes AwayOriginal L.A. Guns vocalist Michael Jagosz passed away on March 9th at the age of 48.

Jagosz fronted L.A Guns during their formative years. The singer first performed with the band in 1983, eventually being replaced by Axl Rose while serving a week long sentence in the county jail after a bar fight. Jagosz would in turn replace Rose and together L.A Guns released a four song EP entitled ‘Collector’s Edition No. 1’ in 1985 containing the songs “Don’t Love Me”, “When Dreams Don’t Follow Through”, “It’s Not True”, and “Something Heavy” — the tracks would eventually resurface as a bonus disc on the 2004 release ‘Hollywood Raw: The Original Sessions’.

No details have emerged about the cause of death, but the final post on Jagosz’ Facebook page is the cryptic “I’m drowning.”

In a recent Twitter post L.A. Guns founder Tracii Guns stated, “Oh man, Mike Jagosz passed away… I have no info. This is crazy news. Damn it!” Sylent Storm member Jym Harris also confirmed the death. “We had our ‘differences’ over the years but last time I talked to him (on February 28th) he was determined to make good with me about everything. I had no idea he was dying. Makes sense now. RIP my friend, you will be missed.”

In a 2011 interview with the Proud2BeLoud blog Jagosz lashed out at Axl Rose. “To tell you the Jesus Christ truth… William Bailey was only in the group for two fuckin weeks. I tried to give him vocal lessons… but, he sucked. Voted “least likely to ever make it”. He always was a pathetic sub-human being. He lived at my parent’s house for over six months… sponging off us and doing heroin. What a little faggot. Come to find out, he was a male-faggot prostitute at the time — L-O-S-E-R. He sold his asshole to gay men for money. But, he made 70 million. He was a real piece of work, he was/is a parasite. A real sack of shit.”

In the same interview Jagosz had kinder words for former bandmate Tracii Guns. “Tracii tried to save me from getting arrested. I was drunk, wanting to drive… he hid my keys. I was actually out of the group just after doing the EP. Tracii Guns was a true brother. Gotta love him. Successor to Randy’s throne.” When asked what he thought of the direction L.A Guns would eventually take Jagosz continued, “Hated it at first. We were metal, the 3-bar chord shit killed me. I thought Tracii was wayyyyyyyyy too talented to do that shit. Looking back though, he went commercial to sell. God bless Tracii, he saw what we couldn’t.”

Jagosz, born on December 13, 1965, is survived by his mother Rosa Caceres Jagosz, son Michael Jeffrey Jagosz and brother David Jagosz. A private memorial is planned for April 1, 2014.

Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx Co-Host Leaving The Popular Radio Show

Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx Co-Host Leaving The Popular Radio ShowKerri Kasem, co-host of Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx, has decided to step down from her hosting duties with the national rock music radio programs.

Kasem, who broke the news to listeners on March 28th, shared that her decision to leave the programs after more than four years stemmed from the time commitment necessary to join Sixx on the road for Motley Crue’s final tour. In addition to her other radio hosting duties, upcoming projects and philanthropic efforts including The Kasem Cares Foundation, Kasem recently started her own business, Good Vapor of Beverly Hills, and is actively lobbying a Visitation Bill that would provide reasonable accommodations for adult children who want to visit their parents, and provide children the right to know when an ailing parent’s health becomes worse or if the parent dies.

Details regarding a new co-host for both programs will be announced on Wednesday, April 2nd. Leading up to her departure, Sixx Sense will feature an on-air tribute to Kasem from March 31 through April 2 with highlights from her years with the program, and a special goodbye video will be posted on

“This was not an easy decision,” stated Kasem. “I’ve had so much fun with Sixx Sense and The Side Show Countdown over the past four years. It was an amazing experience to work with Nikki and the Premiere team on both of these programs, and I’m so proud of their continued growth and success. I wish everyone the best of luck!”

“It’s been great having Kerri as a co-host for the past four years,” stated Sixx. “I’m so proud of the work Sixx Sense has done to provide two top level rock radio programs to millions of listeners worldwide. Although she will be missed, I fully support her new endeavors.”

Kasem joined Sixx for the launch of Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx in February 2010. Sixx Sense quickly became one of the most-widely-syndicated rock radio programs in the U.S. Today, it reaches 2.9 million weekly listeners on more than 100 stations nationwide and The Side Show Countdown airs on nearly 50 stations worldwide.

Rock Legends Yes Set For Triple-Header 2014 European Tour

Legendary progressive rock band Yes kick off their UK Tour on 29th April in Oxford. On this tour, fans can look forward to a unique Yes experience; the band will perform three of its most popular albums in their entirety, ‘The Yes Album’, ‘Close to the Edge’, and ‘Going for the One’.

Performing three of rocks most revered albums, Yes members Chris Squire (bass), Steve Howe (guitar), Alan White (drums), Geoff Downes (keyboards), and Jon Davison (vocals), will delight audiences with Yes staples from the last four decades.

Fans will enjoy long-time favourites, including “Yours is No Disgrace,” “I’ve Seen All Good People,” “Starship Trooper,” “Close to the Edge,” “And You And I,” “Going for the One,” “Wonderous Stories,” “Awaken,” and more. In addition, Yes will perform all tracks in the order they appear on their corresponding studio albums.

“We performed these three albums in their entirety on our North and South American tours, and the fans absolutely loved it,” says Yes guitarist, Steve Howe.

“Fans did indeed love it,” states Yes co-founder and bassist, Chris Squire, “and so did we. Plus, we’ll be performing pieces we’ve rarely played live. In fact, I believe the one song we never performed in concert before our three-album tours is ‘A Venture’ from The Yes Album.”

Alan White goes on to say, “As with our three-album North and South American tours, this is a great opportunity to share with our European fans the growth of Yes throughout different eras, and to revisit the great memories of those times, as well as create brand new ones. We’re looking forward to touring Europe, performing these albums, and most of all, meeting our wonderful fans. It’s great fun for us, and we think our fans throughout Europe will love the performance as well.”

Tour Dates:
29th Apr Oxford (SOLD OUT) New Theatre
30th Apr Southend (SOLD OUT) Cliffs Pavilion
2nd May Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
3rd May Newcastle City Hall
4th May Birmingham (SOLD OUT) Symphony Hall
6th May Leicester De Montfort Hall
7th May Sheffield City Hall
8th May London Royal Albert Hall

Exclusive Yes meet & greet and VIP ticket packages are available for all shows, please visit the band’s website,, for full details and more information on the tour.

The 5.1 surround mix of ‘Close to the Edge’ with a new stereo album mix by Steven Wilson is out now. Also ‘Yes – The Studio Albums 1969 – 1987’ Box set on Warner Music / Rhino UK. It contains all twelve of the band’s classic studio albums with bonus material.

Dante Fox Release New Digital Singles ‘A Love Affair’ & ‘How Will You Know? (Where To Find Me)’

Dante Fox Single 2 A Love Affair

Highly Acclaimed UK Female fronted melodic rockers Dante Fox will release a brand new double A side single featuring the explosive ‘ How will you know ? ( where to find me) and the classy power ballad ‘A Love Affair’ on March 20th to coincide with the bands appearance at the highly acclaimed festival Hard Rock Hell AOR 2 also on March 20th ( featuring UFO, Graham Bonnet,Robin beck ,House Of Lords etc) The Two brand new songs have been recorded at M2 Studio’s (Magnum) and the bands own private studio by Mark V Stuart and Sheena Sear. The tracks were mixed by Sheena Sear at M2 Studio’s in March 2014 Both songs can be purchased from iTunes (worldwide) and Amazon .You can pre-order from Amazon now

This release follows the highly acclaimed ‘Lost Man’s Ground’ album which has kept Dante Fox busy  enjoying sold out shows at Firefest where Classic Rock commented  Dante Fox sounded like

a well oiled machine and as a musical entity they had few peers tonight , Sue’s spellbinding vocals displays grace,control and passion’ – Classic Rock AOR 7 .  .

A very successful tour as special guests to Romeo’s Daughter in October 2013 and an utterly magical night at the O2 Academy Islington with US AOR giants Night Ranger the band also played shows with Electric Boys and White Widow have rekindled their bond with the fans. Lead vocalist Sue Willetts was voted in the top Twenty Female vocalists of all time in Classic Rock AOR .

The current line-up features Sue Willetts – Lead Vocals , Tim Manford – guitars , Andy Perfect -Drums, Pete Lakin – Keyboards , Alan Mills – Bass

The band are currently busy writing more new material for the brand new studio album expected late 2014.

For further information please visit the Dante Fox Facebook page at  and website