New Whitesnake Tribute Band Featuring David Readman Formed

A new ultimate European Whitesnake tribute band announced earlier today, Featuring David Readman (Voodoo Circle, Pink Cream 69) on Lead Vocals:
Statement: “Today, we stand at the cradle of Troublesnake. A number of fine young Belgian musicians have teamed up with vocalist David Readman (Voodoo Circle, Pink Cream 69, Adagio…) to bring you the ultimate European Whitesnake tribute. Routined in playing together with their other project Purpleized, a Deep Purple tribute, Ruben Vanempten (drums), Dimi Russo (bass), Yves Neefs and Robert Mol (guitars) know better than anyone else how to do justice to the authentic 70’s and 80’s European heavy metal sound. Now, supporting the magnificent and powerful rock voice of David Readman, they’ll let their interpretation of Deep Purple mature naturally into this new project giving honor to Whitesnake, exactly like David Coverdale did before them. First show will be announced soon, stay tuned!


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