Slash Regrets Portraying Himself As A ‘Crazy Loser Junkie’

Saul Hudson
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Slash says he has a big regret about his time with Guns N’ Roses, and it’s not his legendarily fractious relationship with Axl Rose. It’s the way he was “limited to the image of me as a crazy loser junkie.”

The birth of two sons with his wife Perla a few years back helped convince Slash to go straight, but not before the public’s image of him was seemingly set in stone.

“People were a little intimidated by that,” Slash tells Metro. “It was a narrow-minded idea of who I was, but at the same time I gave that impression during interviews.”

There was always more to the guitar legend than that, Slash says. He formed Slash’s Snakepit and Velvet Revolver after leaving GNR, and has since moved into a more-eclectic solo career that’s featured collaborations with Ozzy OsbourneChris Cornell and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. A native of the U.K.’s Stoke-on-Trent who moved to America at age 6, Slash says British rock had a big impact on him at an early age — rather than the usual metal suspects.

“That’s where it all started for me,” Slash adds. “I was raised listening to the Yardbirds, the Stones, the Moody Blues, the Kinks, the Beatles, the Who, all that stuff. My uncles and his brothers were huge fans. Then, when I moved to the States, I got turned on to everything that was happening there at that time. I picked up the guitar way later but I had a healthy dose of musical influences growing up.”

Meanwhile, he’s also established a new second career as a movie producer. The horror film ‘Nothing Left to Fear’ is available for home viewing now. A third Slash solo album is in the works next, according to bassist Todd Kearns.


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