Final Led Zeppelin Uk Gigs At Knebworth Chronicled As Never Before In New Book

In August 1979, thousands of fans came to pay homage to Led Zeppelin as they performed what would be their last UK shows at Knebworth. Dave Lewis chronicles this milestone event in rock history with the full story behind the band’s triumphant return to the stage – the build up to the event, the concerts themselves, the aftermath and the accompanying impact of their final studio album, In Through The Out Door. The book also incorporates extensive first- hand accounts from fans who attended the gigs, interviews from the time, retrospective views plus bootleg and statistic appendix chapters.
All fully illustrated in full colour with many rarely seen photos and memorabilia images. Led Zeppelin Then As It Was – At Knebworth 1979 is the book that will take you back to that field just outside Knebworth during an English summer of 1979…The concerts…the crowds…the music…the memories…the legacy… And this time there are no sleeping bags required…
Led Zeppelin Then As It Was –At Knebworth 1979 is available to order exclusively from
”Just when you think there isn’t anything fresh to be said about Led Zeppelin, along comes Dave Lewis again”. Patrick Humphries – author and journalist
”Dave Lewis, the first port of call for any serious Zep enquiry, looks back on the Knebworth concerts with the fervour of a lifelong fan and the wise head of a seasoned critic. In addition to his own well-chosen words, the author finds space to feature excitable eye witness accounts, plus interviews, photos and memorabilia to provide a complete and evocative Zep at Knebworth pictorial record”. Terry Staunton – Record Collector

About the author: Dave Lewis first heard the music of Led Zeppelin in 1969 at the age of 13. The effect has been a lasting one. He is acknowledged and respected throughout the world as a leading chronicler of the group and its individual members. Dave is the editor and founder of the long running and acclaimed Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose. Established in 1978, it reaches out to Led Zeppelin fans in over 20 countries across the world. Each issue is a 32 page full colour presentation of features and interviews chronicling the world of Led Zeppelin and related artists past and present, and is designed to take every reader back to the music with fresh perspective.
Dave is also the author of a number of books on Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin The Final Acclaim, Led Zeppelin A Celebration, Led Zeppelin Celebration 2: The Tight But Loose Files, Led Zeppelin The Concert File, Led Zeppelin Then As It Was – At Knebworth 1979 (first edition), Led Zeppelin Feather In The Wind – Over Europe 1980 and Led Zeppelin From A Whisper to a Scream.
In his role as editor, publisher and freelance journalist, Dave continues to chronicle the work of Led Zeppelin and the solo projects of the ex-members, via the Tight But Loose website (, magazine and books. He has also written features on Nick Drake, The Who, Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.


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