Persuader: New Track Streaming Online

The track “Son of Sodom”, taken from the up-coming Persuader album “The Fiction Maze” is now available for streaming at YouTube. Check it out here:
“The Fiction Maze” will be released in Europe on January 17th and in North America on January 21st through Inner Wound Recordings. Avalon/Marquee released the album in Japan on December 25th.
ќThe Fiction Mazeќ is another step forward for Persuader as they constantly continue to develop their sound, song-writing skills and performance. Persuader describes the sound on the album: “A lot of hard work was put into creating the perfect mix of everything we’ve done so far. We’ve expanded on the Persuader sound while keeping true to the core that is the band; heavy riffing, strong melodies, pounding rhythms and soaring vocals.”
The mixing and mastering was handled by Ronnie Bjornstrom [Aeon, Apostasy, Bone Gnawer] and the production fits the album really well, giving lots of space to the more aggressive side of the Persuader sound, but without losing the melodic parts in the process.
The Fiction Mazeќ is the proof that Persuader is still one of the most exciting Swedish bands, and also one of the best power metal bands there is. The performance, song-writing and production is outstanding and with vocalist Jens Carlsson [who made his best vocal contribution so far on this album] they truly stand out in the scene and The Fiction Mazeќ will for sure be a big hit and a classic in the scene.
Check out an album teaser at YouTube here:
“The Fiction Maze” can be pre-ordered at the Inner Wound Store [CD, vinyl, t-shirt bundles available] at:
Check out an album teaser at YouTube here:
A limited 12″ double gatefold edition of “The Fiction Maze” was released on February 7.
Persuader online:


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