What If ‘the Walking Dead’ Was Recast With Rock + Metal Musicians?

The Walking Dead

Tremendously successful zombie drama ‘The Walking Dead‘ will return to AMC this Sunday (Feb. 9) with a new batch of blood-soaked episodes. We couldn’t be more pumped to immerse ourselves into the second half of Season 4, but what if the show started back from the beginning with a cast entirely made up of your favorite rock and metal musicians?

If you’re not caught up on every episode of ‘The Walking Dead,’ no worries. We’ve kept this post almost entirely spoiler-free. However, if you don’t want a few little details spoiled, think twice before reading the text portion of this post.

Disregarding whether or not a character from the show is currently alive, dead or AWOL, we’ve selected the series’ essential roles and stuck a musician in their shoes. On that note, please enjoy our vision of ‘The Walking Dead’ recast by some of rock and metal’s greatest talents!

Rick Grimes Played by Corey Taylor (Slipknot / Stone Sour):

Corey Taylor
AMC / Facebook: Corey Taylor

The ‘Walking Dead’ crew needs a leader, so why not recruit the frontman of two massively popular bands? If you’ve listened to Slipknot‘s music, namely ‘Disasterpiece,’ you know that Corey Taylor is familiar with the concept of killing people. What better excuse to lop off some heads than a zombie apocalypse? Taylor would be a great selection to play Sheriff Rick Grimes, and if Andrew Lincoln can turn his British accent into a Georgian one, it’s even less of a stretch for Corey Taylor to make the trip from Iowa to the South.

Daryl Dixon Played by Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots / Velvet Revolver):

Scott Weiland
AMC / Ethan Miller, Getty Images

The character of Daryl Dixon is a troubled, antisocial rebel, and Norman Reedus’ portrayal of Daryl has led to the birth of television’s greatest zombie-killing ass kicker. Somewhat disheveled with a five-o-clock shadow and wispy hair, former Stone Temple Pilots / Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland already looks the part. However, before tackling the role, Weiland must begin his character development by taking archery classes and crafting shelter in the woods while strictly living off roadkill.

Glenn Rhee Played by Kyo (Dir en Grey):

AMC / Facebook: Dir en Grey

Although timid and soft spoken, the character of Glenn Rhee can become a dangerous man if provoked. These sensibilities fit Dir en Grey‘s music perfectly, so why not cast vocalist Kyo for the part? Kyo already looks like he could mow down a hoard of walkers, plus using the power of his voice, Kyo can hit notes so violently high that he could cause zombie heads to immediately explode.

Maggie Green Played by Lzzy Hale (Halestorm):

Lzzy Hale
AMC / Facebook: Halestorm

She was just a good ol’ farm girl with the purest of hearts until zombies began to overrun her home. Now she wields assault rifles to fight off biters and other intruders. The transition of Maggie Green lines up with that of Halestorm‘s Lzzy Hale, who morphs into the persona of Mz. Hyde when it comes time to conduct business. Hale famously sings, “Love bites, but so do I,” so worst case scenario, she’d transform into a very accomplished walker.

Carl Grimes Played by Oli Sykes (Bring Me the Horizon):

Oli Sykes
AMC / Simone Joyner, Getty Images

Bring Me the Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes may need a few extra hours in the makeup chair to hide those tattoos if he wants to play the young Carl Grimes, but it couldn’t be any more difficult than transforming normal human beings into half-dead, slobbering freaks. The fresh-faced Sykes is 27 years old, but with a little CGI and television magic, we think Sykes could pass for a 14-year-old in ‘The Walking Dead.’

Michonne Played by Alexis Brown (Straight Line Stitch):

Alexis Brown
AMC / Facebook: Straight Line Stitch

This was an easy choice. The samurai sword-wielding Michonne is the deadliest woman on the planet, so we need one of metal’s most imposing women to fit the role. Alexis Brown of Straight Line Stitch can blast out some deep gutturals and high shrieks while looking like a warrior in the process. Brown even rocked some dreadlocks of her own in the past, so give her a sword and point her towards the undead.

Hershel Greene Played by John Campbell (Lamb of God):

John Campbell
AMC / Facebook: Lamb of God

The character of Hershel Greene is a veterinarian and devoted Christian, so it’s only fate that a member of Lamb of God play Hershel in our recasting of ‘The Walking Dead.’ White-haired Lamb of God bassist John Campbell is the obvious choice when casting for Hershel, and since Campbell is a vegetarian, any animal on Hershel’s farm only needs to worry about one type of carnivorous creature.

The Governor Played by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails):

Trent Reznor
AMC / Theo Wargo, Getty Images

Oh boy, it’s time to cast The Governor. We were introduced to The Gov in Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and he quickly became a fan favorite along with one of the most psychotic characters in recent TV history. Dark, disturbed and menacing, we’ve chosen Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor to play the role. The Governor may have a grim collection of zombie heads, but that’s child’s play compared to Nine Inch Nails’ video for ‘Happiness in Slavery.’

Carol Peletier Played by Joan Jett:

Joan Jett
AMC / Lawrence Lucier, Getty Images

Portrayed by Melissa McBride in ‘The Walking Dead,’ Carol Peletier has proven to be one of the most fascinating characters throughout the show’s four seasons. We need a strong woman to play Carol, so we’re drafting rock icon Joan Jett. The female pioneer has rocked the short-haired look in the past, striking a resemblance to Carol. Plus, if Joan Jett just happens to stumble upon a guitar during a zombie raid, we’d be gifted with some amazing head-smashing scenes.

Shane Walsh Played by Frank Bello (Anthrax):

Frank Bello
AMC / Paul Hawthorne, Getty Images

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello is one of the nicest guys in metal, but if you’ve seen Anthrax live, you know a true thrash machine holds down the low-end for the band. Bello will have to unleash his violent side if he wants to play sheriff’s deputy Shane Walsh. “I Am the Law!” The bassist would start off as Corey Taylor’s right-hand man, but as the series continues, we think Bello could transform into someone dangerous to both walkers and the fully living.

Andrea Played by Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy):

Angela Gossow
AMC / Facebook: Arch Enemy

She looks sweet on the outside, and she certainly is, but Andrea is a masterful ass-kicker in ‘The Walking Dead.’ Is there a female vocalist who balances those two characteristics better than Arch Enemy‘s Angela Gossow? Nope! Metalheads absolutely love Gossow, a pioneer of women in death metal. What we wouldn’t give to see Angela blast away some zombie heads…

Lori Grimes Played by Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation):

Sharon den Adel
AMC / Facebook: Within Temptation

The beautiful wife of Rick and desire of Shane needs to be graceful, yet passively deadly. For this role, we’re recruiting Within Temptation vocalist Sharon den Adel. The voice of Sharon den Adel could lure in any man (or walker), but there’s a sense of quiet danger to the singer, much like Lori Grimes. The character of Lori is somewhat of a black widow to certain men in ‘The Walking Dead,’ and we’re sure den Adel could tap into that sensibility perfectly.

Merle Dixon Played by Philip Anselmo (Pantera / Down):

Phil Anselmo
AMC / Jimmy Hubbard

Here’s an essential piece of casting. Perhaps the most dangerous character to ever side with the “good guys,” Merle Dixon was even able to capture the seemingly indestructible Michonne at one point. The back-woods older brother of Daryl is constantly, shall we say, f—ing hostile, so we’re throwing Philip Anselmo into Merle’s shoes (and arm bayonet) for this recasting of ‘The Walking Dead.’ We’re sure Anselmo could harness his boxing abilities and confrontational disposition to emulate Michael Rooker’s portrayal of Merle while leaving piles of dead meat behind him in the process.

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